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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys! first post of the year for me. ya, I'm late. been working on a shiatsu prop in between cleaning up for the builds this year. i have to much stuff ha ha! ill go more in depth a bit later but here's what I've got so far. Pretty happy with the out come so far. its been super easy to make...
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  3. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I am starting work on my new shiatsu zombie prop. Any good links or advice for a good how to. Thanks everyone.
  4. Halloween Props
    I made these tentacles to go with my pirate ship. The actual tentacle is based loosely on a design by "Torgo". I loved his idea. So I took it and made a few changes so they would work better for my needs, and then used a shiatsu massager to animate them. I made four of them. There will be 2 on...
  5. Halloween Props
    For the past 2 years my monster was a static free standing prop. It was nice, but this year I decided to change it up a little. I like to give my haunt a little variety when I can. This prop will be displayed in my Mad Scientist Laboratory along with a table full of scary medical equipment, and...
  6. Halloween Props
    I just finished my Shiatsu Massager Zombie. I am pleased with the results, but would of preferred more movement. I plan on making four more Shiatsu Massager Zombies for my Halloween Display. I am going to have a Zombie Theme this year and I want some of the zombies moving and some that are...
  7. Halloween Props
    Made this over the weekend enjoy YouTube- Shiatsu twins here the link for the inside of the shiatsu twins YouTube- Inside Shiatsu twins
1-7 of 7 Results