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  1. Mechanical: Mr.Chicken and ShellHawk Make Madame Leota Live!

    Halloween Props
    Today at 1:00PM Pacific time, Mr. Chicken and ShellHawk will be doing a Madame Leota prop build live on BlogTV.http://www.blogtv.com/people/shellhawk/ I probably won't be much use, but Mr. Chicken absolutely knows what he's doing!Check out his build here: So anyway, I hope you can join us for...
  2. Madame Leota WIth Mr. Chicken and ShellHawk

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Just wanted you guys to have a heads-up that Mr. Chicken and I (probably mostly Mr. Chicken, since I am very tool-challenged!) will be doing a Madame Leota spirit ball/projection effect how-to-ish thing on my BlogTV channel on Sunday, August 14th, time to be announced. BlogTV is free to sign up...
  3. Home Again/West Coast Haunt Convention

    I'm back from the National Haunter's Convention and my first "personal appearance" as The Mistress of Mayhem with Haunt Cast. (How's that for hilarious?) What a great time that was! Lots of new, cool stuff out there to buy and lust over. I got to meet Chris Baker and Johnny Thunder at long last...