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  1. Static: Foam board insulation-how do you get the 48"x8' sheets home?

    Halloween Props
    /scratches head. I know this sounds like a stupid question (and maybe it is) but-I don't have a truck-and I have to believe that I'm not the only one;) I can't find anywhere that will deliver the foam board used to make tombstones etc for a sane price. So that makes things a little difficult...
  2. Foamular/Extruded Polystyrene - Where to buy in SoCal?!

    Wanted to Buy
    So, I LOVE all of the amazing tutorials available here and on YouTube, Pinterest, etc....BUT NONE OF THE PINK FOAM IS AVAILABLE WHERE I LIVE! What is it about living in Southern California (specifically the Orange County/Los Angeles areas) that makes it so difficult to find this stuff? To be...
  3. Styrene sheets

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know of a good tool that will cut .20 styrene sheets other than a razor knife? I want to cut a 48" wide sheet cleanly and evenly.
  4. Places to get free styrofoam

    General Halloween
    So most of us are always on the look out for free or really inexpensive material for making our props. I thought of several places where folks could possibly obtain free styrofoam big enough for tombstones, or building facades, or mausoleums, ...etc. Go and talk to your local stores that sell...
  5. Static: Stick on window vinyl for rear projection ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I seen a post here about window projector material but I don't want to use a sheet. Also someone said NOT to use a frosted material. Im thinking of a white translucent vinyl, would that work and does anyone have some links to amazon for brands they have tested. I hate the effect the...
  6. 2018 Video Party Game- End of the world theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Every year I make a video game that plays during our Halloween party that guests can play whenever they want. I have it on loop on my living room tv and they can pickup a game sheet and start playing. You can use this video too if you would like for your party. Usually the winner gets a prize...
  7. Mechanical: Zultan transistor

    Halloween Props
    I'm hoping to find a transistor expert in here. I've got an old Zultan that we've had forever and we love. The Curtains stopped opening (common problem). Temporarily I wired them open, but now I'm trying to fix it. In chasing the lack of voltage getting to the motor I came across a...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Wall Coverings

    Halloween Props
    I'm not sure which forum this would go in, but I consider this part of the props. Hopefully, this is a good of a place as any to post. We do an inside haunt, and for the past three years, we've been using scene setters to cover our walls. These large sheets of plastic are great for helping...
  9. Ghost hunt at our Ghostbusters-themed party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We did a "ghost hunt" to tie in with the Ghostbusters theme. I printed out a sheet explaining that 6 ghosts (my intention was 13 - time took care of that little detail)had escaped the ghost containment unit. There were mug shots and clues for the ghosts on the sheets. QWe had prizes and...
  10. Fabric Dyeing Large Sheets of Cloth Questions

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey all, For my haunt this year I'm working on some skeletal scarecrow props. I want to cloak them with actual cloth, not monster mud, so that the cloth moves in the wind. I have some extra white sheets that are torn, and would look perfect on the props. Howevever, I don't want them to be...
  11. Dyeing Fabric Questions..help please!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey Haunters! I'm hoping someone who makes costumes or sews or is used to working with fabric can help me... I have a bunch of king sized sheets I have been collecting and I want to make them into haunt panels (stretching the sheets over a wood frame to use as walls). I want the fabric to be...
  12. Static: Help with DIY projector screen

    Halloween Props
    I love this forum! I've been a member for several years but this is my first post. I just bought a new Epson MovieMate 85HD a few days ago. I want to use it for outdoor movie nights and holiday parties with my grandkids. This Saturday I'm having my annual G-kid Halloween party and want to watch...
  13. Other: Free 2 inch styrofoam source

    Halloween Props
    I was at my local auto parts store (AZ) and they were stocking their snack area and I noticed the box the snacks came in. It was insulated on the inside with Styrofoam (expanded white beaded) sheets 2 inches thick, because they ship with an ice pack to keep the chocolate from melting. I asked...
  14. Scene Setters Users Questions

    General Halloween
    I hate to ask another question already, but I'm doing some online Halloween shopping that I'd like to finish today. I've bought the Scene Setter "add-ons" before, but never a background roll. I notice that the two background rolls that I'm looking at, are much shorter than the height of my...
  15. Tips on hanging cheesecloth and sheets from ceiling

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello all! I have a question on the best technique to hanging cheesecloth and bloodied/ripped sheets from the ceiling. I know it seems silly to ask but I'm imagining it and I see myself not being happy and missing a very easy trick that can make it creepy. Room 1 - Cheesecloth - I have my...
  16. Static: Made a few new columns for the haunt!

    Halloween Props
    I started out with 2 sheets of 4x8" plywood, cut them just under 16" wide. using 2x2"s I made a basic box The top and bottom were "wrapped" with 1X4's
  17. Bed sheets everywhere...

    General Halloween
    Hi Folks, Just wanted to ask if anyone else out there does what I do by covering ALL the furniture with white bed sheets at Halloween season? I just thought they add a little spookier ambiance I have never paid for them -- I just ask local hotels for their "old" sheets (I cut off the fitted...