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  1. General Halloween
    This focus of this thread is on collecting and sharing our tabletop displays. Not just during the collecting season, but also during the off season with finds from thrift stores, garage/yard sales, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. How long and what types of Halloween tabletop, wall, window, and tree...
  2. General Halloween
    As I comb through around here on various threads I see many colors on various yards and props. Made me wonder and think to myself. I typically use just blue, and maybe 2 red led's for my stuff. However, I see some of your tombstones with purples, greens and various cyans. Part of me says...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This was a game we did 2 years ago when our party theme was Ghostbusters. I went around and took photos of the faces of props and decorations. I wrote up a page explaining that ghosts have escapes from the Ecto-Containment Unit and it was their job to find them. On the sheet were about a dozen...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello to all, I have recently joined this forum. I am a great Halloween enthusiast love experimenting with Halloween costumes, masks, and decoration. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowing about yours.
  5. Halloween Crafts
    JUNE craft of the month is - VICTORIAN / GOTHIC ITEM This is about getting creative and sharing your creations. Looking forward to seeing what is created.
  6. Member Introduction
    Hi all! Dr. Snik here. I'm an original horror music artist and will be sharing some links to my new album Dr. Snik's Halloween Chills!
  7. Member Introduction
    Howdy folks, Nice community ya'll have here. I enjoy using IOT to make halloween cool. I'm looking forward to sharing my 2017 setup here sooner than later. Cheers, Koob https://github.com/yakoob/IoT
  8. Member Introduction
    Greetings! I'm a fellow Halloween fiend, and mad monster-maker from AZ. I have some spooky things currently on the slab that I'll be sharing including the brand new horror mag Monster Shindig. Thank you!
  9. Halloween Props
    I know sometimes Halloween can be a thankless thing for all the effort we put into things for the benefit of others and ourselves, maybe this is why I'm sharing here because we are all the same..my town hall just painted almost done for my display...
  10. Halloween Props
    I've been really getting into Halloween the last few years and it has been so fun. Just sharing some of my props.
  11. Halloween Music
    I hope you all realize that i am sharing recordings here that are very rare. In most cases they are impossible to find anymore. I've spent over ten years collecting these recordings mostly off ebay. I learned about most of these recordings from the scar stuff blog. In 2005 i set about...
  12. Member Introduction
    Hi guys! I am TheSupremeWitch. I've been a member of /r/Halloween on Reddit for a while but I've been meaning to make an account here for a while so here I (finally) am. Like all of you guys, I LOVE Halloween so I'm glad to be in the presence of kindred spirits, especially because everyone I...
  13. Halloween Music
    My Box account has been deactivated. I assume this is because I have been sharing my files too much. Sorry guys.
  14. Member Introduction
    HI guys! This has been my go to site for inspiration on all things Halloween. I'm looking forward to sharing and getting to know everybody. I'm a home haunter and I'm in the process of my 2016 build! More to come. Thanks, John
  15. Member Introduction
    Love to read and see all you do and say. Had to join . you-all are great educators thanks for sharing.
  16. Halloween Music
    What is the Best Halloween Audio Sharing Blog? I am asking your opinion of the very best Halloween Audio Sharing Blog that's ever existed, whether it still exists or not. Please restrict your answer to one blog only.
  17. General Halloween
    Feel free to share any of your scary Halloween night experiences whether it's with ghosts, creepy trick-or-treaters, creepypasta (slender man), Jason Voorhees, me, Freddy Kruger and anything else you'd like to share. Remember, here on the forum it's Halloween everyday so don't be afraid to get...
  18. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Sharing my Hand cake for Halloween!:o
  19. Member Introduction
    Hey guys! Ricardo here from Cincinnati, OH. I am new to the forum, but a veteran Halloween lover. My wife and I started hosting a Halloween party two years ago, and this year will be our third annual halloween party, and our guests are excited as ever! I'm really looking forward learning...
  20. Member Introduction
    Howdy! I feel stupid for not joining a Halloween forum years ago, it's been my favorite holiday forever. This looks like the place to be. Looking forward to making friends and sharing ideas.