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  1. General Halloween
    I love masks but storage can become an issue. I was on Spider Hilll's site a while back and noticed a fitting that was either new to their line or I had just missed previously. It's a slip cross fitting for 1 " PVC. Inspired me to build this. "][/URL] Here's a detail. Mounted on a wooden...
  2. Halloween Props
    My husband got an order from Kohl's yesterday and I couldn't help noticing that the box seemed to be tombstone shaped so of course I made it into a tombstone to stand up in my coffin. A little black paint, a little of that stone texture spray, some clear acrylic sealant and a few styrofoam...
  3. General Halloween
    "Visitors to the forest often report intense feelings of anxiety and the feeling of being constantly watched. Moreover, the local vegetation is somehow bizarre in appearance, like something out of a make-believe story with strangely shaped trees, and unexplained charring on tree stumps and...
  4. Halloween Props
    Following my recent post for the cardboard columns, I have had a few messages if i still have the info for the Grandfather Clock that I made from cardboard last year. So here it is: I had a pile of different shaped boxes hanging a round a while (large box,toothpaste boxes, toilet roll tubes...
  5. Member Introduction
    This can fulfill affected gums and in addition scratched lips or on a to a remarkable degree essential level all the more incredible 'ol shaped results. Using things that are awful 'ol proposed for you will make poor results.
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone:) Had a busy weekend trying to get ahead with a few more props! As part of the our Carnival theme we are having a Haunted House/Ghost Train so having had a pile of different shaped boxes hanging a round a while (toothpaste boxes, toilet roll tubes etc), and Hubby threatening to put...
  7. Hi

    Member Introduction
    Hello all I'm new here obviously lol the names Randy aka BooAdict I do have one question. I saw at the Spirit Halloween store the talking Jack-o-lantern that swings, my question is does anyone know where I can buy the motor the use? I makes a slow back and forth Motion with arms shaped like...
1-7 of 8 Results