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  1. Prop Showcase: The Hanging Man - Wall / Table decor

    Halloween Props
    Hey ya'll, just thought id post real quick one of the latest Shadow boxes i'm currently working on. I still need to cut the background trees out, but having a hard time deciding how I want to do it. Thoughts?
  2. Static: Shadow Caster

    Halloween Props
    If anybody wants this feel free to use it. A quick easy way to turn your home into a slasher flick Just print up this picture,(bigger version here https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/28864767543/in/datetaken-public/) glue it to a piece of cardboard, and a little bit of folded cardboard...
  3. The Kitchen Door

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I wrote this yesterday on my phone so its rough, a first draft, and... written on a cell phone so... Enjoy! "Damn insomnia. I give up." He said out loud to the dark, empty apartment and got up disturbing one of his cats, Pete, that had fallen asleep on his lap. Ivan stumbled to the kitchen...
  4. Lighting: Silhouette Shadow Help

    Halloween Props
    So for Halloween I wanted to add some static silhouettes to our windows so it looks like its the shadow of someone inside. Pretty much recreating the effect from Disney's Gold Dust Saloon (shown below). I plan on using cutouts on posterboard. Any help on how to stage this? Would it be as simple...
  5. Other: Shadow Box Ideas for Haunt

    Halloween Props
    I have a shadow box that I picked up at a garage sale over the summer that I want to somehow incorporate in to my haunt. I'm doing a carnEvil theme and was thinking I could use it as some kind of sideshow attraction, but I just don't seem to have my creative juices flowing today! It looks...
  6. Lighting: Shadow help

    Halloween Props
    We are creating s "cute" section for the little tots coming to our haunt. I saw a great idea to create shadows by attaching cut outs to an electric train and then placing a bright light behind a white sheet. We have it all put together but cannot figure out how to get the shadows to be larger...