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  1. Lighting: Our RGB LED lighting setup

    Halloween Props
    In the past, we have used LED spotlights for the majority of the lighting in our haunt. This year I used RGB LED modules with controllers to get more control over the lighting. Just thought I would share a video showing the setup if anyone is interested. It has been working out great so far! :)
  2. Prop Showcase: My setup without sound

    Halloween Props
    This is my set up without sound. Johnson cemetery 2014: http://youtu.be/WbDDYiTorK8 My cemetery in the dark with sound: http://youtu.be/SC_n43DwERI
  3. Thanks for all the ideas

    Member Introduction
    New to the forum, though I've been reading for the last couple of years. You've all been great at helping contribute to my setup. Here's last years set up. Thanks to all of you, this year will be much better.
  4. Static: My Creepy Yard Skeleton and Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    Almost ready to setup my yard...
  5. What's new in low tech Tech? Improve my simple setup.

    General Halloween
    So yes, I was once a hardcore haunter. My garage, attic and a storage shed were once full of awesomeness from cemetery fences to fog machines and animated props and a mile of extension cords (literally) ... but alas, we moved, I sold it all, and I have to keep it simple now. My setup...
  6. Tekky updates website

    General Halloween
    So I noticed tekky redecorated! They're also filling in setup videos too. http://tekkytoys.com/
  7. Atmosphere Effects: Anyone use/make transducers?

    Halloween Props
    Playing with the idea of using a transducer setup to vibrate the floors in a scene. Saw it at Knotts a few times and it got my wheels spinning (or at least shaking anyway..) Anyone out there build these? Seen a setup over at frightprops, but would like to make it cheaper. Or larger and more...
  8. Other: Halloween Setup Materials List

    Halloween Props
    Last year I was keeping a list of all the stuff I used to help hang props and decorate for the season. It was a pretty comprehensive list, covering the stuff I had always remembered, to the stuff I ran-out to purchase last minute, to the stuff I thought about after-the-fact. I thought the list...