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  1. Head and Hand Sets Available

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Offering Head and Hand Sets - Also full body Gypsy/Witch as well. I am selling hand/head sets for a witch/gypsy and I am also offering a full body version. Hands/Head Set = $160, $180 painted Full Figure with costume = $300
  2. WTB-Skull Garland Set

    Wanted to Buy
    These sets are becoming very difficult to find. They look like this. https://offerup.com/item/detail/547772440/ I've already had one set reach of end of life and they are not repairable. And this comes from someone who has at least 50 Christmas light sets from the late 60's, early 70's and...
  3. Pneumatic: Air Cannon firing sequance

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, Ive built an Air Cannon using a CO2 Fire extinguisher and air/water solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air. Using an Arduino, I want to trigger the solenoid for maybe 1 second ON then 1 Second off, for 3 bursts, then wait for 5 Mins, then start all over again. I've...
  4. Lakeside Collection Grabbing Hands

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I found TWO sets of these in THE GREAT PURGE OF 2019! Mine are grey though, not flesh colored like the ones in the pic. I forgot I even had them & need the room. They are still in their boxes too. I had to open one set to check to make sure there was a left & right but they have never been...
  5. NEW Worm Gears!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Take advantage of the compact 27:1 gear reduction these Worm Gear Sets provide. Increase durability, help eliminate backdriving, and increase torque with these sets in your builds! Available in both 1/4" D-Bore Worm Gear and 6mm D-Bore - 1/4" Round Bore Worm Gear...
  6. Spooky Town Foam Sets

    Wanted to Buy
    Howdy! Since I have now bought 3 other pieces from spooky town this year, I am in need of more space. I have added another table but would also like some display blocks to put them on. I have the cheap little ones that Michaels sells but they are kinda small. I like the ones Michaels uses for...
  7. Bed Bath and Beyond 2017

    General Halloween
    https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/s/halloween/1-48?pagSortOpt=Date-1&view=grid&_dyncharset=UTF-8&partialFlag=&ml=v1&isFromSWD=false&_requestid=3486916 looks like some new dish sets for this year so far
  8. Michaels 2017

    General Halloween
    Stopped in Michaels today to take advantage of their 50% floral and greenery sale (thru Sat 3/4). They also have 40% off on some of their lighting as shown below. This includes their Gemmy Lightshow LED projection and screw-in lighting. These are the kaleidoscope style bulbs (not Fire & Ice)...
  9. Halloween Lights/ Icicles

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone adorn their houses with orange/green/purple icicle lights for Halloween? I always found that this really makes it (especially when you hang the icicles from the top of the j channel above the window as opposed to the gutters so you can see them from inside). I also like stringing...
  10. some new items for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    All items are sold.
  11. My 2014 Home Haunt

    General Halloween
    Hello all! Just in time for this season, I just had a chance to upload my last years home yard haunt. I had a lot of fun creating this masterpiece and I can't wait for this halloween to come! We had about 700 people come through this last year and I just hoping for it to grow bigger and bigger...
  12. Gemmy Glow Ups Lighted Feet REVISED

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Since I cannot change the thread title I have to write up a new one. I have added the second set and weighed the box, it does bump up the price of postage but I am selling BOTH sets for $10.00. I have had these Gemmy Glow Up glow feet for years but have not used them for the past...
  13. Playing cards?

    General Halloween
    I have a fairly serious playing card issue... Anyhow, that's a long story in and of itself. To the point. Stumbled on these last year. Now I have my finances together, had to go get them. Known as the Tragic Royalty deck, they are designed to stand out. And of course, the...