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  1. General Halloween
    Haven't set him up yet, but I'm very pleased with myself :)
  2. Halloween Props
    Finally had a little time to build something for this years haunt. Here is my take on the Air Cannon. Used a 1/4" regulator to set incoming PSI as well as a 1/2" regulator to set the outgoing blasts.
  3. Halloween Props
    Obviously it's not finished but I had to share. It might need a little something under the arch and I was going to use the name Pam Kim Carver, but my daughter didn't like it. I'm using this stone to set the three singing pumpkins from jack o lantern jamboree on.
  4. General Halloween
    I can never keep straight how people here haunt. Some of you have big pro/semi-pro haunts, some folks decorate indoors only, some are yard and/or porch/haunters. Except for a few simple outdoor decorations set out in October, I'm a one-day-a-year yard/exterior haunter with the only the foyer...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I am building a flying saucer and I want to use a 10 sided central hub to attach my stringers to. My question is what degree would I set my miter saw to in order to get the correct angle cut. Basically I need the angle to cut give me a 10 sided figure. Thanks!
  6. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I received great advice when looking for a fog machine last year resulting in the purchase of the Chavets Hurricane. Now I am interested in the AtmosFEARfx videos that I saw at Spirit. I'd like to project it on my living room window. It's right at 4 x 5 tall. The person at Spirit said they...
  7. General Halloween
    I do much more lurking than posting as I don't have too much to offer as I'm very new to the haunting scene. Thank you to everyone that has shared great tips & tricks. I've learned a lot. I picked up a couple of packages of curtains from IKEA that are on sale for $3.99. Each package has 2...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello Haunted Mansion Fan's SET OF 4 PAINTINGS "COMPLETE SET" STRETCHING PAINTINGS... Total height of each are 6 foot. Make sure if purchased you have enough room to ad the additional space needed for your frame... Give 8 inches. These Haunted Mansion Reproduction Paintings created in 2006 of...
  9. General Halloween
    BEWARE: LONG POST!! So I am planning out my set up this year and deciding on placement. We have more of a shotgun house with a small path to our front door. It gets pretty crowded up there (esp. with all the TOT costumes flopping in the way), so the past few years we had a table set up either...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey everybody! *Update* - April 22, 2013 The witch cottage set design is complete!! We started filming this past Saturday. I will be posted behind-the-scenes photos of the set along with actual movie stills! I'm very proud of the cottage and I want to thank you ALL for providing us with many...
181-190 of 190 Results