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  1. Attention - Panjo Classified Service Retiring

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello, As some of you may know the owners of Panjo Classifieds Service have decided to retire the product. What does this mean for you? As of March 31st, Panjo will no longer allow new items to be listed for sale through Panjo, though existing listings will still be accessible. Following that...
  2. www.HalloweenSupplyUSA.com - AVOID

    Merchant Reviews
    Very poor, very disappointing experience with www.halloweensupplyusa.com. On October 7th we ordered a Skull Trooper Halloween Costume for my 11 year old son. My son is one of the many Fortnite video game addicts in this age group. If he was allowed to, he would spend 24/7 playing. He loves...
  3. Hello Everyone,

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    Myself Colene Garcia working as Nurse practitioner in Custom Lawn Service.
  4. The Phone Rang...

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    "Hello! I'm calling you from your service department." "Service Department for what Company?" Pause.... "Well then!' You have Won a trip to sunny.." "I can't go.' "All expenses paid.." "I can't leave.' "You will be spending four nights,and" "I can't go" "And also included is a..." "CLICK!"...
  5. Introduction

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    Hello, I am Wright Hill. I really love to join this forum because I came here to share & Get knowledge, information regarding to escape room service.
  6. The Singing Pumpkin - customer service beyond expectations

    Merchant Reviews
    I just picked up some more animations, including the "intermission" animation. Not only are these things simple to use, but John himself jumped online for a quick chat via Facebook to offer some advice on chaining the animations together with the intermission animation to extend the show. Great...
  7. Halloween Decorations - Alice in Wonderland

    Please check out the Paula's Choice FB page and vote for the customer service department by commenting on their #aliceinwonderland decoration/theme picture! Great ideas here! Thank you!
  8. 35% OFF All Props & Decor at Halloween Asylum!

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    All in-stock props and decor items are now 35% off at www.halloweenasylum.com - no coupon needed! Sale runs through Halloween. We are located in Massachusetts, so UPS Ground service reaches all of the northeast states in just 1-2 business days. No express service needed! If you're on the...
  9. GR Customer Service

    Merchant Reviews
    Wow! I received my 20' tall inflatable cat on Friday. Of course I had to set it up right away... It's spectacular! So cool in fact, the local bus driver stopped in the middle of the intersection so the kids could look! There was a mad scramble to get to the windows lemme tell ya. So the...
  10. I hate comcst cable

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    I hope I dont offend anyone but, we are comcast subscribers due to the fact they are the only providers in the area and dish and direct are expensive when you add comcast internet. So here is my rant: we have hd nothing but trouble with our service for 2 years. All of our utilities are...