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  1. MySQL has gone away

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Got this error briefly a few minutes ago. I am pretty sure from my Drupal days that "MySQL server has gone away" means the MYSQL server restarted. The site was back up within a minute or two. I had seen that error before but that was month or so ago, and this is the first time since then...
  2. The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Getting this error a lot around 11:30AM EST today trying to view threads and post. "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later."
  3. 502 errors and SLOW

    Site Issues and Feedback
    The last 24 hours or so I've gotten random 502 bad gateway errors. Not every time, but enough to mention here at this point. Also since the move to the cloud servers, I've noticed the forum itself slow to connect, timing out and sometimes getting a "server too busy" response with increasing...
  4. Local, WiFi-based color picker?

    Halloween Props
    Executive summary: run a simple, safe, local WiFi solution for broadcasting a color picker. I'd think this thread would help a huge group on this forum. You're driving by my display, and you see a sign that says "Pick a color..." and you can bring up a color picker on your device to choose...