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serial killer

  1. Prop Showcase: Serial Killer's Torture/Trohpy Cabinet

    Halloween Props
    I've had a knife board inside the window of my porch for a bunch of years now, but it was kinda hidden and almost no one saw it. So, I decided to expand upon it a bit, and at the same add a bit of consistency to my jar collection. I think this cabinet ties them all together pretty well. I...
  2. Michael Myers for Halloween? 3rd year in a row go another year? or switch it up?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    so made this costume about 8 years ago but didn't really do that good on it and brought it back to life about 4 years ago and came upon a Don post mask and then re dug out my Jumpsuit & gave it the most detail on it to make it look like i just got done doing a massive slaughtering spree some sad...