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  1. "Skullcrow" sentinels

    "Skullcrow" sentinels

  2. Prop Showcase: Pumpkin Sentinel

    Halloween Props
    Here is my best attempt to match Pumpkinrot's pumpkin sentinel: https://youtu.be/aEwMWXtHJf8
  3. Hello from Oklahoma!

    Member Introduction
    I've been lurking for a while but finally settled on a username and decided to join. This year I decided to go much bigger on my yard, I'm working on a somewhat realistic giant spider with a 12' legspan and a creeper. I have a fairly small yard, so I'm limited on how much I can add, but if I end...
  4. Static: First post here and first large propr build

    Halloween Props
    I have always been content in just modifying decorations and making costumes but this year took on my first large prop build. Decided to make a pumpkin sentinel like creature to put in my flagpole holder. Failed to take pictures along the way but got a lot of great info on the site. Here is...
  5. Static: Pumpkinrot Scarecrow Build

    Halloween Props
    Last year I saw some of the work that the artist known as Pumpkinrot (pumpkinrot.com) had created. I thought their work was awesome - I loved how the scarecrows and sentinels they created had such an organic quality about them. The blending of human shapes with the shapes of trees made it so...
  6. In Search of: Large foam pumpkin - 2.5 to 3ft. diameter

    Wanted to Buy
    I want a head for my pumpkin sentinel but the biggest ones I'm finding locally are about 14 inches across. He's going to be 8ft. tall so I don't want a tiny head on him. Anyone know of a source for something like this? Can already be carved or not. As long as it has a menacing face on it...
  7. Static: Help filling void

    Halloween Props
    So one of the regular vignettes in my yard is the Sentinel. He is always the last prop to be removed because through Christmas I stick a big red bow on him. But a careless neighbor burning a stump lead to a fiery demise of a large portion of my yard. Unfortunately the Sentinel and his setting...
  8. Static: An over engineer pumpkin sentinel

    Halloween Props
    Stated building a pumpkin sentinel this weekend. I am a model maker by profession, so I have access to a wide variety of materials and equipment to build props with. I wanted to make this as strong and rigid as possible. I apologize for the poor pictures The black tubes are old irrigation...
  9. Static: Mini pumpkinrot sentinel

    Halloween Props
    I've wanted to make a pumpkinrot sentinel for awhile but never got around to it. I had a few of those foam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and decided to try my hand at a scaled down version. I think it'll be about 4 feet tall when finished. Here is that start, its head. I tried for a bit of a...
  10. Static: Need help with stabalizing my Pumpkin Sentinel

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, So I've been hard at work on my Pumpkin Sentinel and he's coming along pretty well. Head and body are done and all is good there. Here's my issue....I cut him off mid tibia so I could transition from the corpsed body to the vine/root lower legs and feet. He's corpsed up tot the point...
  11. Static: Pumpkin sentinel help!

    Halloween Props
    Help! I've carved my foam pumpkin and am in the process of corpsing it up with mod podge and cotton. I think I even have mod podge in my own hair lol! So everything is plugging along well but I want to add a long, creepy looking stem to him and I'm not sure what to use. This is my first pumpkin...
  12. Static: Pumpkin Sentinel at Evil Vines Cemetery

    Halloween Props
    I have always loved the Pumpkin Sentinels I've seen everyone make on the forum and decided I needed one in our haunt. I have to thank GhostTown for the amazingly detailed "Ode de Pumpkinrot" tutorial. Here's what I came up with, thanks to all the inspiration I've seen on the forum. Pumpkin...
  13. Replicating Pumpkin Sentinels (Pumpkinrot)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We've all seen it...hell, if you're anything like me, you've been staring at the images for years. Wondering if there was a way. Is there a way for me, an average Joe Haunter, to make the Pumpkin Sentinels like Pumpkinrot makes? Well, I don't know. But I am sure as hell going to try :) So...
  14. Lighting: I need lighting help!

    Halloween Props
    So this year, I am adding a few pumpkin sentinels to the haunt, because...pumpkin sentinels...do I really need explain? Anyway, what's got me flummoxed (yeah I said that too) is how to light these 6 foot tall harbingers of evil. I'd like to do some dramatic colored uplighting, but the top of...
  15. Static: Finished Pumpkin Sentinel with Michael's foam pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Here is our finished pumpkin sentinel. His body was inspired by the Ode to Pumpkinrot build. He was constructed about the same way using a trash bag filled with newspaper that was taped to the piece of PVC then paper mached. We then monster mudded it which we quickly found out was not a good...
  16. Other: Michael's Deal- Giant Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Pretty sweet deal- Giant foam carveable pumpkin at Michael's. Originally marked 49.99, which I believe is already half off of what the special order price at www.funkins. com is, an extra 40% no coupon, and you can use the 15% coupon on top of it. With tax it was $32 and some change. So we saved...