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  1. Scream Box Strobe for Halloween 2020 new release

    For Sale By Merchants
    Scream Box Strobe is a new release from Haunt Hobbyist. Scream Box Strobe is the only battery operated product that works in the dark, is programmable, has awesome sound quality, and plugs into a strobe light. Buy direct from www.haunthobbyist.com Cost is $30 Strobe Light is available in Green...
  2. Pneumatic: PIR sensor on a picoboo

    Halloween Props
    I bought a PIR sensor from Ebay/aliexpress, comes with 3 wires : brown, blue and red now i want to connect it to my Picoboo FI-104S for it to activate when this is movement but i can't figure out how to connect and make it works. I have tried connecting all 3 wires in all possible ways of the...
  3. FS: Frightprops Pop Blaster + PicoBoo ONE controller + motion sensor

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    his is a great scare in a place where guests feel "safe" - startles them every time! $410 new - why buy new? Excellent condition - easy to program - works great! Needs an air compressor. Posting it cheaper here than on ebay (but it is listed there too) - $275 + shipping
  4. Battery operated motion sensor

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I want to find a battery operated motion sensor that will detect motion about 10-12' away, and display different LED colors depending on motion or no motion. I'd like to be able to control the update period, being able to vary its detection between a few times per minute to once every 1...
  5. Arduino Talking Skull Project on the Cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi folks, I'm working on an arduino talking skull project for a greeter for our haunt for next year. The skull is a cast I made of a high end skull (medical grade realistic) but I rotocast it out of resin to keep the weight down. My intention is to build a skeleton greeter in a booth that is...
  6. Prop Showcase: How to make the 3 Classic Halloween Monsters work?

    Halloween Props
    I bought the 3 Classic Halloween Monsters this year through Home Depot (Werewolf, Drac & Frankenstein). They are IR props that work off of each other, but I have no idea how to set them off without having to press the button on each of their arms. Is there a hack to hook them up to step pads or...
  7. Mechanical: HELP!! Home Depot Wicked Witches

    Halloween Props
    Recently purchased the store display of these at Home Depot for $21 (told the cashier they were broken. Which they were, the arm brackets were broken off one of the witches two arms, so she took off 50% of the sale price) got them home to test out and the mouths don’t move, cauldron mech doesn’t...
  8. Electronic/Software: Convert piezo sound sensor to PIR (HC-SR501)

    Halloween Props
    I just started getting into hacking props this year. Maybe next year I'll try my hand a my own custom props. Anyway... Last year, I bought the Rising Reaper on clearance at Wal-Mart. It runs off of 3 AA batteries. I dislike battery operated props, so I converted it to AC power by simply using a...
  9. Mechanical: PIR Sensor How-To - NEED HELP

    Halloween Props
    Hi all. Ordered 2 smaller animated props from Spirit Halloween and one came today, the leaping spider. Works great and will definitely scare but the issue I have is that the motion sensor doesn't work that well if at all, and need a simple PIR sensor that works with the hookup on the prop. I...
  10. Electronic/Software: Making my swing always active

    Halloween Props
    Perhaps you guys know a simple solution for my problem. I have the spirit halloween swing with the creepy girl and it has an IR sensor to activate it to swing. However she is set back from the sidewalk and the chances of the sensor hitting that far out is slim. Is there a way to bypass the...
  11. Electronic/Software: Hellp. Need to disable sound on this prop

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I bought one of these canvas led paintings at HomeDepot (actually it's the one where the witch is outside a house with a ghost above her but I can't find it on the HD site.). It's perfect for the location I have but I don't want the sound to play, it's fun once or twice but not...
  12. Custom Recording Loop Triggered by Motion Sensor

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to figure out how to make a custom 1-2 minute sound recording that is triggered by a motion sensor and then have it automatically reset and play the next time the motion sensor is activated. I have recorded my sound and put it on a thumb drive. I then put it in a player and selected...
  13. Mechanical: Multi-Prop remote from Spirit- Can this be hacked?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased or researched the multi-prop remote from spirit? I saw this yesterday, it works by plugging this into the prop and placing on the try-me setting. You can then trigger them remotely with an a-d button option. This would be interesting to me if the remote could be hacked and...
  14. Prop Showcase: Our Shooting Gallery - Bayou Bullseye

    Halloween Props
    This came up in the thread about my cauldron and it made me realize I had never really shared it here. This is our interactive swamp themed shooting gallery we call the Turnsworth Cemetery Bayou Bullseye. The props are all motion activated so guests can use a laser pointer to set them off. I'm...
  15. Electronic/Software: PIR for Lighting Help

    Halloween Props
    Howdy haunters, I ordered a PIR sensor from Amazon that is used to turn on LED strip lights whenever the PIR sensor senses motion. I'd like to use this to trigger the BooBox Flex used in a Halloween prop and a bit confused. The issue is I'm not entirely sure how/if it will work for this...
  16. Fog: Hacking a Fog Machine [video]

    Halloween Props
    I decided to crack open a cheapo fog machine and rewire it to be controlled by an Arduino. This way I can trigger it as part of the timing or from a sensor of some kind (used a basic PIR sensor in this video).
  17. Sportman's Guide

    General Halloween
    I just recently ordered four 36" wagon wheels for a horse drawn hearse I want to build, they are on clearance for $13.59 each, they also have this motion sensor owl whose eyes lite up and hoots if anyone is interested the owl is $11.89
  18. Lighting: Suggestion: DC 5-18V Light Sensor Control Switch Module Photoswitch Day Off / Night

    Halloween Props
    DC 5-18V Light Sensor Control Switch Module Photoswitch Day Off / Night On (** There is other version which run Day On / Night Off **) Available on eBay. China / HK. Found one on Amazon. Last year I bought some (2x CR2032 3V) battery powered (orange) string lights that I used outside before...
  19. NEW 2018 Product Release from HAUNT HOBBYIST: SCREAM BOX PLUS!!!!

    For Sale By Merchants
    The Scream Box PLUS is the only battery operated product that works in Complete Darkness, is Programmable, has awesome Sound quality, and plugs into an AMPLIFIER! We found an inexpensive mini amplifier that works good with the Scream Box Plus (watch video below). Check out our video...
  20. Electronic/Software: First Year Noob, Help with Automation

    Halloween Props
    First year setup and got a few Witches/Skeletons that Talk/Move and have a try me button. I also have a couple hanging items and Walkway Bones that flicker and make sound. The problem I'm trying to figure out is how to wire everything when my landscape has a walkway up the Center splitting the...