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  1. Nightmare Before Christmas 2019

    General Halloween
    Since there seems to be new merch ever year, I figured we'd get this one started for 2019. Any new Nightmare stuff people have spotted yet? It looks like Home Depot will be getting the Jack and Sally animatronics from Spirit (no word yet on whether they will be an improvement). There will...
  2. Window FX Plus now $49 at Home Depot Online

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Got an email that the Window FX Plus unit I apparently looked at online at Home Depot was now reduced from $89.98 and down to $49.00. Deliverable to your home or to select stores it looks like. Free delivery. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Window-FX-Plus-Projector-28088/304865437 Looks like one...
  3. Can't get access to the album photo I just added

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I added a new photo to my 2018 album (a skeleton monkey). Everything was normal during the upload process. However later when I went to go to open the Halloween Store Items - 2018 album to select the new photo's BB Code, the board software messed up. I can select older uploaded images just fine...
  4. Halloween (1978 original) released in 4K!

    Horror Discussion
    I didn’t see a thread started yet but wanted to let y’all know that halloween is going to be released in October in 4K. I personally hope it’s in Dolby Atmos too but don’t know for sure yet. Anyway can’t wait to purchase it!!!!
  5. can not up load pics

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I was trying to create an album for my Secret Reaper gifts but when I select the pic I want then click upload nothing happens
  6. 4th July SALE - ServoCity

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    Save Big this 4th July, on select items !
  7. 40% off 100+ select halloween items at GrandinRoad - TODAY only 9/22

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    It's been mentioned today in the GrandinRoad shopping thread that they are having a 40% off sale on over 100 select Halloween items. Expires tonight at 11:59pm EDT. Code is EERIE16.
  8. 20-50% OFF Select Masks BrothersCrypt.com

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    Select masks are 20-50% OFF at brotherscrypt.com. http://www.brotherscrypt.com/Masks--ON-SALE_c_120.html Most are 20-25% OFF but we do have a few 50% OFF. More items are being added right now as we go through our inventory. Happy Halloween
  9. Hi everyone! New here

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hi, some great stuff on these fourms!! I tried to make a post about my first ever diy prop project but could not figure out how. It kept saying must select post pretext, also could not figure out how to add picture. And it kept adding a million tags... I dont have a computer...
  10. Wizard of Oz in Select Movie Theatres Today

    General Halloween
    Anyone else taking advantage of the opportunity to see the great green witch on the big screen today? The Wizard of Oz is showing today (and did on Sunday) in select theatres. I am definitely going.
  11. Corpse Heads 11 to choose from all Handcrafted in the USA

    For Sale By Merchants
    Select one. Paypal accepted. Ships Priority. $69.95
  12. Fire sale!! Up to 40% off on select masks

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    Were are having a super sale on select masks. Up to 40% OFF. Many new for 2014 masks included. We may add some more in the coming days…so look out for those. Please check us out. http://www.brotherscrypt.com/FIRE-SALE_c_100.html