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  1. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Shindigz has a Banner Sale going on. $5 off with banners starting at 9.99. Banner Sale ends Monday, 5/20. No code needed. I've designed a number of banners over the years on their site for use with my haunt (Brain research lab, carnival and side shows, and this years dino theme). My favorite...
  2. General Halloween
    The mermaid skeleton came! She is gorgeous!!! Rather than a typical bone color, she is kind of grayish, with a bendy tail. She'll certainly look better than our old mermaid, which was a regular Bucky type, with a homemade tail. Due to a house move, we couldn't Halloween last year, and when I...
  3. General Halloween
    What do you do to secure your prop tombstones to the ground? The mini plastic stakes they come with are useless, last year I used paint stir sticks and duct tape which worked fine. But this year it's extra windy and it's not working too well. Thanks!
  4. Halloween Props
    So I made this a number of years ago. It will (eventually) span all the way across the porch (hopefully next year) BUT i have a small problem. It's more or less secure across the top, but the bottom flops around in the wind despite a wood frame behind. The screws are also puling away from the...
  5. Halloween Crafts
    Hey every one I have these great old fashion candles that were my moms when i was growing up and now i have them. but now a few of them are cracked and just being held on by the wicks. does any one know of a way to secure it back together? obviously i could just hold a lighter to it and get it...
  6. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Welcome to the new and hopefully improved latex mold tutorial. At the very least, I have a more secure picture host. As with most my recent tutorials, I will break it down via a series of direct links in the top post here to work as a directory. I'll turn these into links as I type up each...
  7. Halloween Props
    I would like to know how everyone secures their walls to the floor. Last year I made a major portion of my haunt out of 3x8 sections of walls made from an "8" wood frame with heavy duty cardboard on each side, then covered them with contact paper/wallpaper and distressed them. They looked...
  8. General Halloween
    The wind is brutal at my place, any ideas on how i can secure my 5 foot coffins to the ground? I want it to be as easy as possible!
  9. Halloween Props
    Last year i made a bunch of pillars for my grave yard but the 2 main ones blew over in a wind storm. What do people use to secure their pillars so they do not fall over? (My small pillars didn't fall but only because they are just 4x4s that i hollowed out and shoved rebar into)
  10. Announcements / Press Releases
    http://www.halloweenmusicgalore.com created by Gore Galore We just took ALL of our well known "Sounds Of Gore" CDs and turned them into digital downloads. 1 hour track soundscapes that fit ALL kinds of scenes from Meatlocker, Lab, Graveyard, and everything in between. Plus we have also added...
1-10 of 12 Results