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  1. I love Halloween and happy to be here!

    Member Introduction
    Hello All! I'm happy to be here and connect with fellow Halloween friends. I love everything about Halloween--October, the Autumn, the Spookiness, the thrill and chill of it all. Excited to share this seasonal spirit with you all!
  2. Seasonal Visions Winter Dragon

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello everyone, I have one opened and set up seasonal visions winter dragon for sale for $300.00 or an unopened in box seasonal visions winter dragon for $325.00 but must be willing to go or meet in the south Florida area.
  3. Fall Seasonal Beers

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So as today (August 8th) is/was my day off, I decided to do a little bit of shopping and store visiting to see what all the more decorations they've put out. Michael's had tons more out, Kirklands still had one little shelf, and then I decided to pay a visit to the local top-notch Alcohol store...
  4. CVS 2016 thread

    General Halloween
    I haven't saw a thread yet for CVS, so here it is. Anything anybody anticipating? I know the last couple years the life size decorations where anticipated. As an employee, as soon as I see the seasonal book I'll give heads up. Should be in next month.
  5. Hello from the UK

    Member Introduction
    Hi all I am Gareth call me (Gaz) for short. I am the owner of seasonal traditions, A website dedicated to seasonal UK holidays and the traditions behind them. I thought to join and connect up with other like minded people as I am too, a big Halloween fan, last year I and the wife did the...
  6. Static: Scary Mailbox?

    Halloween Props
    Anyone ever included their mailbox in a yard theme? Of course, it can't interfere with the mail carrier's job. I've seen some seasonal "wrappers" to put on the mailbox but they're so....sweet. Bleck! Looking for some inspiration.
  7. I am i need of these props!!!

    Wanted to Buy
    does anyone have these props? for less than 100$ -Gemmy Count vigor -Gemmy mummy 2005 version -Gemmy Dr Shivers -Gemmy Scarecrow -Hungry harry -Y.J Death Crawler -Seasonal visions Wacky mole clown Original boxes are better :confused:
  8. Seasonal Halloween Disorder

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Thousands of people suffer silently from Seasonal Halloween Disorder or SHD. Very little is known about the depilating disease that often leaves it’s victims in a fragile mental state and sadly; in financial ruin. Common symptoms of SHD are: 1 ). Extensive Planning for Halloween in January...
  9. Lighting: Mod gemmy rectangular mini UV strobes to stay on constantly?

    Halloween Props
    I have several Gemmy battery operated UV mini strobe lights--the model stocked by Target in a gray case and by KMart in a black case, labeled as purple. In a big series of tests I did with UV tube fixtures and various brands of UV CFLs, the Gemmy mini strobe had surprisingly good fluroescing...