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  1. Store Sightings & Group Buys
    A bunch of new animatronics have been found on Lowe’s website. After years of only having Gemmy items, Lowe’s will be selling exclusive Seasonal Visions (and from what I’ve heard Tekky too) items in store. Please note nothing is available yet for purchase and probably won’t be until the summer...
  2. Halloween Props
    EDIT: My father and I built a new source of power for the girl's motor, as there was a blown connector on the circuit board. Beware cheap animatronics! But, at least she moves when he's on now! I've been a member for about a year, decided to make a post asking for some help! Anybody have an...
  3. Halloween Props
    Has anyone found a source for the various gearboxes and motors used in the SVI Animatronics sold at Halloweenexpress? I have a lunging werewolf from a few years back that's been great but last year he started a clicking when his head should throw back during the howl. I've troubleshot down to...
1-3 of 3 Results