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    New BIG SCARY SHOW - Episode 68 Episode 68 As we get through the post Halloween depression, and gorge ourselves on the cooked flesh of a turkey, pig, or animal (or human) of your choice, the 4 (g) hosts and two special correspondents reflect on the 2014 haunt season, and what they look forward...
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    Holiday season!! Halloween is over but the holiday season continues, so we are making with the presents. Here we go, now, with another small raffle. This will have three winners. Each winner will get a small padded envelope with a small Halloween-oriented gift...like, say, a DVD movie. The...
  3. Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I could purchase just the fabric that goes around the tunnel? I've heard there is a company or person that custom fits them according to tunnel size. This haunt season we made our own out of landscape fabric which worked out.
  4. General Halloween
    I had a great opportunity to attend a demonstration for a small group of people by Tyler Greene, who was a finalist in Season 6 of FACE OFF on Syfi. It was a three hour presentation, along with Q&A. I also just signed up for a 10 class session taught by Tyler on doing special effects makeup...
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    Hello everyone:) Found this awesome forum through a Halloween search on Google and as a huge lover of Halloween I had to join. I can't say enough how much I love love love love Halloween. Such a awesome holiday and love the whole spirit of the season. I have so many fond childhood memories of...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hey Folks....here's my Halloween Gang getting ready for the season.
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    This week on Haunted Radio, we continue our haunt season celebration with news on the Twilight Zone, the Purge, Saw, Elvira, Hulu, and more!! Then, we review the 1989 film, "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers." Then, we give you our top ten films about Halloween. All of this and so much...
  8. Halloween Props
    Just figured id share an idea. This was a few years ago so i dont have any pictures I took foam and cut it into a tombstone shape and covered it with a thick garbage bag so no water got in. I tried the bag really tight so there werent many wrinkles and then sprayed it with the stone texture...
  9. General Halloween
    I'm only going to pick one small part of my yard to show, but this has basically been my progression. I'd either love to see people's pictorial or hear their verbal progression, what ever they want to show. How they've grown in their Halloween decorating over the time they've put in. For me to...
  10. Halloween Props
    First full body prop for the season
  11. General Halloween
    You get a creative idea. You are given some things that will help to make your idea happen. You already have the tools and "smarts" to put it together. You spend some money, you finish it, install it. It works just as you envisioned it, customers are pleased seeing it work, some a bit awestruck...
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    Rising from my coffin! It's been a while since I last posted. Yay! Halloween season is here. Wishing you all a Spooktacular Halloween. Happy Haunting ;)
  13. Halloween Props
    I bought a 1000w chauvet fog machine and it lasted one season. Now it does not heat up. Can these be repaired??
  14. Member Introduction
    Can't wait for the season. Wonderful props and advice here, love it! In fact, I believe it may be the only place I want to hang out on the web. Nobody will obsess with me about halloween in my real life.
  15. Halloween Props
    Happy Halloween Build Season! We are building for a Night Circus theme area this year and just finished our first prop of the season. Up next is a life size Jack in The Box and a Kissing Booth.
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    I am fairly new at this site and so far it has been awesome to see so many great ideas from people who crave the Halloween season as i do! Thanks to all who have helped so far and commented thus far. I look forward to sharing and learning…..thanks again
  17. Halloween Props
    I posted this for a specific tread but though everyone might like to know so I am putting it here! Sears has cardboard sheets that come under the tractors they will give them to you for free! They are about 1 inch thick and 4x8, we use them for walls all the time. I have some covered in brick...