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  1. Seance Escape Room

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This year's Halloween party escape room was seance themed. Participants successfully contact a ghost, but unintentionally summon a demon. Then they've got an hour to banish him. Some pics of the artifacts... Time to start planning for next year's...
  2. Seance Expectations

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Let's say you were invited to a seance and you decided to go. What sorts of things would you expect to see and experience? The more details the better.
  3. My Seance area

    General Halloween
    A quick shot of the alcove where i kept the Ouija board this year. This is another of those "stack it up at the last minute" arrangements. Those are just bedding chests. My son figured out how to put a person inside one of the chests serving as the table, with a magnet to make the...
  4. Halloween Party Stunt Ideas?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everyone! So I'm brainstorming ideas for a stunt that could take place about 2/3 of the way through a party - something that could be teased a bit on an invitation. Some ideas I have already is a locked room challenge, a seance and a staged zombie attack. I would love some more ideas - no...
  5. Doctor Druid's Haunted Seance

    Halloween Music
    VERY RARE RECORDING! NOTICE: This record is intended for entertainment purposes only; responsibility for any psychic phenomenon which may occur (either directly or indirectly) as a result of playing this record will not be assumed by the manufacturer Produced by Milt Larsen (founder of the...
  6. Lighting: Remote switch for electric power?

    Halloween Props
    Gang, Imagine this if you will.......a séance to contact Jack the Ripper...several minutes into the séance, the smell of old leather is detected....no one has left the séance table the entire time.......sound spooky? My idea is to set an electric tart warmer with leather sent in the room and...
  7. Electronic/Software: Toombs Manor Seance Room Projection Loop

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! Here is the projection loop to be used for the seance room for this years haunt. Enjoy!
  8. Seance

    For Sale By Merchants
    32" x 23" acrylics on loose canvas
  9. Halloween Party Ideas Help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi I've had a Halloween party every year since I moved into my own place. The first year was fancy dress with with drinks and Halloween themed food. The second year had a theme of Witches. We all dressed like witches, we tried a spell, had drinks and food and we got a tarot card reader in...
  10. 84 Days Till Halloween

    84 Days Till Halloween 8/8/2013 More from the Miscellaneous Music folder… Jill Tracy - Diabolical Streak (1999) I heard portions of this album on an old “Hearts of Space” Halloween program. Tracy’s music is kind of old-timey, very sophisticated, and darkly sexy. The songs like “Evil Night...
  11. Voodoo Seance - need food ideas!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Or any ideas really. I'm new to party planning and I really want this to be a success. Last year my creepy cannibal party was a bit ... over the top food-wise and no one ate any of the ghoulish foods that were made. So this year I'm toning back a bit on the blatantly gross (meatloaf face...
  12. Other: Need help with my Possessed Ouija S�ance Table Prop

    Halloween Props
    Need help with my Possessed Ouija Séance Table Prop So I need to start prop building since Halloween is only 7 months away now. The first project I want to tackle is a Ouija / Séance table that shakes, has bleeding letters, has a flash fire effect, and a planchett that moves on its own. How...
  13. Seance sounds

    Halloween Music
    Hey ya, Wondering if any of you guys/gals have dug up any seance kinda soundeffects...im looking for something like madame Leota in the haunted mansion...just not so ....family oriented. thanks