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  1. Papermache 101

    General Halloween
    I stumbled across these amazing newspaper sculptures by a very talented artist - Will Kurtz. To simply call it paper mache is an insult. Even though his subject matter is very “ordinary”, that is to say everyday people doing everyday things, it has an unusual macabre feel to it. Maybe I’m just a...
  2. My one of a kind handmade Vampire Mage sculpture

    For Sale By Merchants
    Here is my Vampire Mage ,now posted on my Etsy store at DreamDarkStudio. The price is 400 Canadian dollars. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamDarkStudio/edit?ref=edit_trust_header Thank you Terrance Jay Stone Any questions , please do not hesitate to contact me.
  3. Static: Need Suggestions - Want to create enormous skull for porch entrance

    Halloween Props
    I need some suggestions on materials to use to create a large 3 dimensional skull to go in front of our steps leading onto our porch. Im guessing it would be 10|12’ tall by 7-8’ wide. My initial thought was to carve it out of some type of lightweight styrofoam or insulation but it seems like id...
  4. Clay my Wicked Witch of the West sculpture

    Halloween Crafts
    I thought I would show off my Wicked Witch of the West sculpture. she is sculpted form super sculpey polymer clay. her crystal ball is the top of a liquor decanter and the shoes are from a Barbie that I painted
  5. Wanted to share some of the particularly cool stuff I've come across online

    General Halloween
    (Halloween Nesting Dolls) http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MDM37626#.V68P53so62c (Esmeralda spider pumpkin witch) *http://www.christmascentral.com/p-381119-18-gathered-traditions-esmeralda-spider-pumpkin-witch-decorative-halloween-figure.aspx (Set of 2, animated...
  6. Cool Halloween Sculptures/Art

    General Halloween
    I'm loving some of the upcoming sculptures from Creep Baby Studio. I picked up one of their pumpkins and a gourd last Halloween. I snagged the pumpkin for around $10 and got into a bidding war for the gourd. I ended up spending about $35, but he was worth it! I'm hoping they're gearing up for...
  7. Static: Vincent Price - a sculpting project by Mr. Chicken

    Halloween Props
    Here's what's in the works currently. The plan is to have a realistic bust of Vincent Price, with silicone skin, punched hair, acrylic eyes, etc. Should be a nice portfolio piece if it works out how I'm envisioning it. I'm going for a "House on Haunted Hill" era Vincent. Step 1: armature...
  8. Pictorial Mask Evolution - Clay to Latex

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys, I think this is my first real post... other than the introduction. I'm more of a lurker. :o Anyway, here's some shots of my recent project. We're doing a Voodoo Swamp theme at our home haunt this year. This poor soul has been cursed by the evil swamp witch. The sculpt: The...
  9. Static: Large, lightweight sculpture materials?

    Halloween Props
    Hello! I recently ran across this (awesome) image and am trying to figure out how to do something similar and what sort of materials to use. It would need to be something pretty lightweight so it can be attached to the top of the doorway without plummeting down to unsuspecting guests. Any...
  10. Static: Oil Clay Sculpture

    Halloween Props
    So I was playing around with some clay and ended up sculpting an entire head on a blucky skull that I had covered in paper mache. I like it so much that I want to keep it. So I need some advice from the group. How do I make it permanent? I was considering painting several coats of drylock since...
  11. Static: Life Size Jack Skellington

    Halloween Props
    He's FINALLY done! And he's my favorite project thus far. =) As much as I wish this was my original idea there are several people who have made a life-size Jack Skellington and this site had a great tutorial that I followed. He's a bit top heavy and the weight is unevenly distributed so he's...
  12. Prop Showcase: Ghost Sculpture

    Halloween Props
    Paper mache and acrylic paint. He lives on my bookshelf: You can see more picture here: http://www.thenoctrium.com/dark-art/
  13. exorcist face sculpture!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi everyone finished a sculpture of the exorcist and i am putting it up for sale... i dont like to put specific things in my sculpture like eyes or teeth or a wig cause people tend to change it all up and like it different there way so i have pics but its the basic clay face with a coast of bold...