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  1. Long time haunter and ex F/X guy

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I have been doing home haunts for a long time. In my former life I was an F/X artist for a bunch of films in the 90's - early 2000's; I worked on makeup F/X and animatronics for Starship Troopers, Blade, Mimic, Alien Resurrection, 300, etc. If you have any questions about...
  2. Any Tips for Enhancing Skulls?

    General Halloween
    I would like to start with a plastic skull, use *something* to build it up and change the appearance a bit, then corpse over it. My question is, what should the *something" be? Paper clay? sculpting clay? Monster clay? Please let me know your suggestions, including specifics like what brand...
  3. New member intro from Maryland

    Member Introduction
    Hello! I'm not exactly a newbie, but have been building haunt decor and stuff for years and years. I have an art degree from back in the 80s and did a lot of foam carving, mask building and such toward the end of the 80s and 90s, followed Steve Hickman's work in the late 90s and built a monster...
  4. Prop Showcase: Haunted Mansion Paintings : The Ghost Host or Rhe Hanged Man!

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! As you all know I'm a sculptor. I just love sculpting Halloween props etc. But I didn't just start out sculpting! I drew way before I ever sculpted. Anyway I thought I would put down the clay for a bit and start some drawings from the Haunted Mansion. Once these are completed I will...
  5. Prop Showcase: Going MY Way Ghouls!!

    Halloween Props
    I have been putting these guys off for a while to do other things . But no more. Hitchhickingghosts are coming!! Here is Phineas. I'm sculpting Gus tomorrow. Ezra is completed. We hope to have these guys done by the beginning of June!
  6. Static: Building a Modular Mausoleum

    Halloween Props
    For Halloween this year, I wanted to do something big. I decided to build a haunted mausoleum that I can try and build a pepper's ghost effect inside. However, it has to come down in pieces after Halloween so i can store it. Right now I just started sculpting the brick walls. If you want to see...
  7. Long Time Lurker

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I've been quietly watching these forums for... oh gosh, maybe a year or year and a half. I pop in now and then and just get so darned inspired every time I come here. I decided to finally make an account and say hi. I'm passionate about Halloween and all things spooky. My house is...
  8. Static: Vincent Price - a sculpting project by Mr. Chicken

    Halloween Props
    Here's what's in the works currently. The plan is to have a realistic bust of Vincent Price, with silicone skin, punched hair, acrylic eyes, etc. Should be a nice portfolio piece if it works out how I'm envisioning it. I'm going for a "House on Haunted Hill" era Vincent. Step 1: armature...
  9. Among the Living Masks

    Announcements / Press Releases
    After an eye opening trip to Mask Fest 2014, I have decided to start my own Halloween mask studio out of my basement. Inspired by a love for vintage Halloween, horror movies and masks I will be creating all new plastic masks like the ones we all wore when we were kids. Only without the clumsy...
  10. Creature (human) Anatomy for Sculptors

    Halloween Props
    This isn't material I created, I just happened to find it while I was looking for tutorials on sculpting facial wrinkles and creases in WED clay. "Tutorials and Step-By-Step" seemed like the most proper forum. I made sure to download the PDF in case it goes missing from the Internet...
  11. Static: Gargoyles, gargoyles...and more gargoyles :)

    Halloween Props
    Last year I created my first gargoyle (based on the tutorial posted at Stalloween) - I'm building five more this year, and thought I'd share. My first one is completely done, second will be finished tomorrow, and three more in the works. They stand about 19-20 inches tall, and have a wingspan of...
  12. Other: Is it safe to make masks out of urethane? (My first sculpt)

    Halloween Props
    Hey gang. So I've finally taken the leap into sculpting. My Monster makers head form and monster clay came in the mail this week, and I got right to it. I'm nearing the end of my first mask sculpt, and after hours of work, to my surprise, I'm actually kind of proud of it! But I'm having some...
  13. Static: Monkey's Paw

    Halloween Props
    I finally got started on my monkey paw. Got a lot done in about 2 hours. This one is from scratch....started with armature wire and have put on the sculpting clay. Sorry forgot to get the early pictures but here is the progress so far. :p Now for a coat or 2 of latex and then on to the...
  14. paper clay teeth

    This goes out to anyone who has experience to sculpting teeth out of clay. I'm working with air dry paper clay, and quite frankly my teeth are turning out a bit on the crude side (and not in a desirable way). Could someone please lend me your expertise in the form of a tutorial?
  15. where to buy ultracal 30 around lincoln/omaha ne?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know where to buy ultracal 30 around the Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska area? I know may online stores carry it buy shipping is about the same price as the product. =) I've been searching the internet for hours.......grrrrr..... Thanks in advance!
  16. How to make your own Halloween masks.

    On my blog I show step by step pictures of how I make Halloween masks. I hope you all enjoy. http://erickmain.blogspot.com/
  17. FX Art Classes in Chicagoland - Fall 2011 Schedule

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Halloween Forum, For those of you interested in or around Chicago, IL, I wanted to let you know about some FX courses that I am teaching out of my new 2600 sq ft studio/workshop in Westmont, IL. http://www.kosarteffects.blogspot.com/p/classes.html Just in time for Halloween, be sure to...
  18. Electronic/Software: Automaton Project

    Halloween Props
    Looking for ppl that have built automatons using servos and computer applications. I have a basic knowledge of how, but could use a "Go To" for a assistance. Also looking for someone with working knowledge of mask making. More specifically, the differences of Hot Latex and silicone and the...
  19. Sculpting Clay

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello all, I have been working with this sculpting clay for quite some time now it is really awesome, so I decided to make a tutorial on how to make it. YouTube - How to make sculpting clay Please Like the video and subscribe because I will be adding new tutorials soon. Happy...