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  1. Blacklight Ghillie Suit Scare

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. What happens when you combine the illusions of scrim fabric with a ghillie suit? A sure-fire scare - that's what. This tutorial will show you how to make a fluorescent costume and...
  2. Fluorescent ghillie suit scare

    Fluorescent ghillie suit scare

    Shows how well you are hidden
  3. Prop Showcase: Halloween 2018 Video update - Thanks to you all for inspiration!

    Halloween Props
    Hello all - I finally am getting around to posting a brief video of last year's setup. This was taken the night before Halloween and does not have footage of the massive amounts of fog we put out and the hundred of kids that showed up. I also should have pulled the car out of the driveway before...
  4. Atmosphere Effects: Improving shower curtain projections with scrim

    Halloween Props
    This is a video I made a while back that I just re-did because the intro was so bloated and boring. It seems pertinent to some discussions that have been going on here in recent days. Its a discussion and demonstration of a way to improve video quality of projections by increasing black levels...
  5. Atmosphere Effects: Help with mounting no see um netting to a frame for projection

    Halloween Props
    I repurposed an old metal pergola like you see on home depot: I made an entrance gate out of 2 of the columns and found a use for the other two. If you look at the front of the picture, you will see 2 metal supports made of 1/2" steel square frame welded together. 2 of these panels screw...
  6. Lighting: Great use of scrim for a projector

    Halloween Props
    Just saw this and had to share. Magician stationed between a black curtain background and a scrim curtain with a spot light shining down on him.. so cool! You can see the curtain on close ups (47 seconds and again when fireball leaves his hand and floats around ) but it is really well done...
  7. atmosfx scrim

    Product Reviews
    So I finally got my stuff, dvd's are ok. But the fancy scrim isn't worth the money IMO. We got around to hanging it tonight and was very disappointed. So we changed it over to the white sheet we used last year, soooo much better. I'm sure I'm out the 50 bux for it, suspect its not returnable. I...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Hologram projections - comparison video of various scrims and fabrics

    Halloween Props
  9. Other: scrim - would this fabric work?

    Halloween Props
    I have read that the scrim mentioned at fearfx is 92% nylon 8% spandex, but I have come across this similar one but different percentages @ 82% nylon and 18% spandex, and wanted to see if this would work as well, its certainly cheaper. I also came across another but will have to find it...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: I need some tips for controlling projector sight lines

    Halloween Props
    I can't come up with any ways to conceal the projection when shooting onto the scrim. Does anyone have any tips or ideas I could use? Say I am setting up in my garage if I hang the scrim and shoot from in front it goes right through. Same from the sides. Down a hallway I might be able to hide it...
  11. 2014 panaromic composite photos

    General Halloween
    here's a couple pics of my front yard taken the night after ... also had a bunch of stuff on the porch that isn't shown here they're over exposed ... looked much better in "real life" ... with fog machines and sound had a video playing in the scrim that is shown between two of the shower...
  12. Lighting: Best inexpensive scrim for a "reveal" effect? Will something at JoAnn's Fabrics do?

    Halloween Props
    Best inexpensive scrim for a "reveal" effect? Will something at JoAnn's Fabrics do? What style / color of fabric works best, at a reasonably low cost, for a "reveal" effect. Like in some many places where scrim is used throughout, say, the Magic Kingdom--heavy use of scrim at the Carousel of...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Scrim help

    Halloween Props
    Need a little advise on scrim material. I plan on using a scrim over my front door and using a rear projector off to the side of the door projecting atmosfearfx ghostly apparitions floating bride. what is the best color scrim? I plan on buying the material online. What is the best scrim material...
  14. Prop Showcase: Advice on hiding a messy garage...

    Halloween Props
    I have a rather large garage that I intend on putting a fcg in this year. I am looking for a cheap scrim like fabric that will allow you to see the fcg through it, and prevent anyone with errant flash lights or headlights from seeing the piles of wood and workbenches and other non-halloween...
  15. Lighting: Scrim fabric

    Halloween Props
    A few of our rooms will use scrims this year. After looking at the local fabric shop I realized that I know nothing about fabric. Theatrical shops have scrim fabric that is very expensive. I would like to keep the expenses to a minimum. What is the best type of common fabric for use as a...