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  1. Halloween 2022

    7+ foot tall grim reaper from 2021 holding a hacked lantern with flame bulb; scarecrow redesigned for 2022 w/motion detection and new animation; scream dude overlooking front walkway for 3-4 years; Amosfx projection of zombies on translucent curtain. Forgot to add my corpse bride looking for her...
  2. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey guys, I've got a couple of near-perfect Gemmys. Ghostface has his original slip box. Works great! Take a look at the video. Asking $1300 plus $150 shipping. Pinhead does not have the slip box but is in fantastic condition. Check the video. Asking $1,100 plus $150
    $1,100 USD
  3. Halloween Crafts
    This project is like some strange dream my mind bloomed in early October 2021, I got super pumped about it, ignored it, overthought it, ignored it, worked on it, and now I'm comfortable showing it off (at least one card). You'd think as much as I love Halloween, I would've had this idea rolled...
  4. Halloween Props
    Recently I’ve awaken my love for horror films again, and it’s been a blast collecting so many things for room. Mostly I’ve collected things from Halloween, Saw, Scream, and Friday The 13th. After searching hard and long for a particular Ghostface Animatronic, the one from 2011 has sparked my...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, and I see this website has an incredible community so I thought what better place to ask than here? So, back in 2010, Fun World made a buuuuunch of Ghostface/Scream related Halloween decorations in preparation for Scream 4. There is one decoration in...
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    The Scream Box Strobe is the only battery operated product that works in Complete Darkness, is Programmable (add your own sounds), has awesome Sound quality, and Lights Up with sound when activated to Light up your prop. When the sensor is activated, the speaker plays the sound and the LED...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Has the phone and knife in his hand, Full figure. $250 Not going to ship now, no box. Located in Rochester NY. I am going to Atlantic City Monday............. Thanks Cory
  8. Halloween Props
    Hey quick video i did of my Lifesize talking GhostFace
  9. General Halloween
    Just watched this on Netflix (finally). I was surprised I couldn't dig up a thread on it here on the forums. I was so excited to see another documentary on haunters... A second chance to maybe show off that we all aren't completely crazy. Nope, it mainly focused on one crazy guy with his...
  10. General Halloween
    With Halloween 2018 a little more than a month away, I thought I'd share what Rose and I did last Halloween with my Forum family. So.... Thrill as the White Werewolf takes on the Awesome Viking for the Teak Neighborhood Grill costume crown! Gasp as an ordinary Chrysler car trunk is transformed...
  11. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of Halloween and am excited to find fellow enthusiasts. I recently went to the Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention in Long Beach and it motivated me to find other people who enjoy this spooky holiday. Usually I'm the weird one with friends and...
  12. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 129 features all the latest news plus an interview with David Markland of Midsummer Scream. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes on the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow https://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news Please like our FB page and...
  13. For Sale By Merchants
    PIR Activated Scream Boxes $21 Shipping Included (US Only) We only have (10) of these available. They are leftovers from the MHC show and not something we typically carry so I am clearing them out of the shop. Kit includes: (1) PIR Activated Scream box (1) Pivoting mounting bracket (3) AAA...
  14. Halloween Music
    Greetings all! I am new to the forum, but I have read through many threads and see there is a very high level of expertise on this topic present! I am looking to source a specific sound effect of a male scream. I have heard this many times over the years, whether in old cartoons or as a radio...
  15. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    http://midsummerscream.org/ Wondering if anybody else is planning on attending? The Dark Harbor: Sinister Circus costume ball is aboard the Queen Mary!
  16. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Scream Ghostface costume life-sized finally done! Accurate sparkle robe by NK Studios. Wanted to have him holding the knife but knife would not fit into the hands, and my other big hands would not fit into the sleeve since it has a sewn in glove. More pics and video to come!
  17. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    OK hate to sell this but need to make room and downsize some, Scram robe with accurate sparkle fabric! Never worn and has been in storage for over a year. Sale price $300 shipped! Very high quality and accurate. Also selling a prop buck 120 knife and scream 3 phone, same model and type used by...
1-18 of 40 Results