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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I am searching for some specific animated props sold at Spirit Halloween a while ago. The props I am looking for are as follows: Haunted Scarecrow (Sunstar Industries 2008) Lifesize Grim Reaper (Tailuxe Artware 2008) If you have any of these props and they are in working...
    Hello Forum, I have been off line for some time as in 2017 the local town made us an offer we could not refuse on the homestead. Long story short we relocated to a much smaller property and 2018 was our first year in the new place. I managed to get my yard set up and the neighbors and kids...
  3. Wanted to Buy
    I bought the Spirit of Halloween Mad Scientist from 2008 off ebay. It did not come with a plug. I need to figure out what Volt plug to use with it. I am hoping to find someone that has him. Please help!
  4. Wanted to Buy
    One of my props is the Mad Scientist ...somewhere in all my moves I lost his cylinder...I would really like to replace it..does anyone have 1 I could purchase...Gemmy does sell replacement parts such as cylinders...plz let me know...thanks for any info!
  5. Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy mad scientist released by spirit years ago. The one that sways and his scalp lifts off. Please let me know if anyone has it for sale.
  6. Halloween Props
    Looking for a Dr. Shivers, mad scientist prop in good, working condition for my laboratory scene this year. If you have one to sell please PM me. Thanks
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Already thinking about the 2017 haunt and selling stuff I simply have no room for in the haunt this year. Condition and prices are noted with each item. All prices are negotiable. Message me if you're interested. All payments through PayPal. Shipping from California. Lemax Spooky Town Little...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have the following supplies that I used this last year for a lab set and am not interested in storing them. Would like to get $60 + shipping - I spent over $150 for it 3x1000ml beakers 4x800ml beakers 2x500ml beakers 4x250ml beakers 2x100ml beakers with triangle tops 2 x100ml beakers 10x50ml...
  9. General Halloween
    I am toying with the idea of putting together a mad scientist persona to put on some humorous but educational science demos. Any ideas for names? I haven't set a personality for this character yet. I might possibly develop it as a puppet, and have myself be a lab assistant. Edit: Actually...
  10. Wanted to Buy
    In search of the green beaker/flask that accompanies the Spirit Mad Scientist prop , the one for the giant guy w the glowing brain , NOT Dr Shivers.
  11. Wanted to Buy
    if anyone you have one of these, and it still in good condition and you are ready to sell/trade. please message me I thought it might go well with my mad scientist theme this year.
  12. Wanted to Buy
    Hi I'm looking to buy these props for cheap :D Wacky Mole clown Heads up harry clown 2008 mad scientist fat butler tormented zombie chest ripping zombie{either version} Donna the dead {any version} Count vigor Gemmy mummy evil scientist electrified manic Boxes would be nice too:)
  13. Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy the gemmy animated scientist, doing a doctors scene and think it will be a quick addition. Let me know if you have one for sale. I am in Illinois so somewhat local or shipping would be needed
  14. Wanted to Buy
    anyone selling this?? EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SELLING..if you have it.. can you tell me dimensions of the original box(length, width and height) thanks
  15. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey all, It's essentially been dictated that I should be a mad scientist this year. Now I need ideas for what my wife and two year old should be. I think it would be fine to have my two year old also be a mad scientist, but maybe there are some other fun ideas? My wife will only participate...
  16. Halloween Props
    http://www.wired.com/2014/12/olivier-lovey-lightning-power/#slide-id-1680159 wow ... this guy has some kewl toys! amk
  17. Wanted to Buy
    Hi, I had my own 2008 Mad Scientist Exclusive Animated Prop a couple years ago from Spirit Halloween, but since he was so big I ended up not having room for him. I ended up selling him a while ago (Not as much as I had hoped for, but still something), however, with a change in my display...
  18. Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a Mad scientist that spirit halloween sold in 2008. I really like him, working or not. Money is really tight right now, but trying to make a haunt to donate all money that was donated to a animal hospital. I will pay shipping. Thank you, Nick
1-18 of 29 Results