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  1. Qwiggle Alien Operation Gelatin Mold x 2

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Need to downsize my Halloween food stuff. I have two of these molds. One was used once (for food), one was never used (still sealed in plastic) so these are both still food safe or you can use them for molding props. They are two-part hard plastic (not silicone). You can make the brain/guts...
  2. Anniversary gift.....

    Horror Discussion
    For our 14th Wedding anniversary the wife bought me well really us..... The Twilight Zone Gold Edition set which is a 1 of 2500 made. We love watching the show...... I have been a big fan of sci-fi and horror movies and tv shows since a little kid in the late 60's. So we will have a great time...
  3. Hosting/Creating my first event

    Horror Discussion
    I wasn't actually sure where to post this but figured this would be a good place to start. Ok so I've been incredibly busy for quite some time and most of my free time has been spent working on my stories or artwork. My landlord asked me to help do something with the building. This place is...
  4. Other: That Time of year... Looking for aliens and UFOs

    Halloween Props
    I tried searching the forum for ideas, either my search doesnt work well or there has not been much done with alien/ufo props. This year i want to do a UFO crash landing in the yard for TOTs and party guests. i already have my eye on a few alien masks (greys) hope to build some lifesize greys...
  5. BLOBFEST IS COMING!!! July 10 - 12 Phoenixville, PA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    http://thecolonialtheatre.com/programs-categories/programs-blobfest-blobfest/ Celebrate one of the greatest 1950's sci-fi classics where it was born. Blobfest is held in Phoenixville, PA, location of the Colonial Theater which figured prominently in the film. Blobfest revels in all things...
  6. INTERSTELLAR. Viewer Beware

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Yep, checked it out the other night, on IMAX, but, sadly, found it to be overwhelming. The visual effects are cool. If somewhat dizzying, and the storyline is intriguing, but the whole thing bogs down and becomes totally implausible. A shame, because a lot of sci-fi buffs have been looking...
  7. Is it me or Horror and Sci-Fi don't mix?

    General Halloween
    I have gone to multiple horror conventions, watch horror movies, and obviously love Halloween but when I think horror, Halloween, or anything of the sort, sci-fi does not enter my head. Now dont get me wrong, Sci-Fi has some good movies out there and some freaky ones as wll (ex; Dark Skies) but...
  8. Mechanical: Alien JIB

    Halloween Props
    He was about 8' high extended. Dad and I built the mechanical part, Devon did the alien "skin". The mask was store bought.