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  1. Hello From San Diego

    Member Introduction
    Long time haunter, first time member. Looking forward to this year. Planning a haunted house for school charity. Can't wait to find the treasures that are inside the forum.
  2. Big Lots 2018

    General Halloween
    School literally got out 2 weeks ago this Friday (last day for most kids was June 15) & I swear on my cats lives that Big Lots is already moving in Back to School stuff. :mad::p:mad: We don't start school in MD until the day after Labor Day now so that stuff usually hangs around until then at...
  3. Happy Friday the 13th

    General Halloween
    We have a guest speaker in class today at the High School I work at: He even helps with bus duty: ...and keeps our halls clear So happy Friday the 13th!
  4. Hello from NC!

    Member Introduction
    Hey! My name is Anna. I have been lurking on here for quite some time now so I figured it was time to introduce myself. When I was younger I HATED Halloween with a passion (it's funny now because it is my FAVORITE holiday now). I hated being scared and I counted down the day until Halloween was...
  5. Any of Your Schools Ban Halloween?

    General Halloween
    I don't have children of my own, but I do follow many of the pages and communities on Facebook for my town. I know that last year they got rid of the outdoor parades at the schools due to "safety" concerns. Today I saw a post from school administration about banning of costume wearing in the...
  6. Help converting latex mask to hat

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Not really sure that title captures it but here's what I am trying to do... My daughter has the horse head latex mask from Spirit and she is designing a combination horse/witch costume. Problem is her school won't let them wear masks to school so she wants me to figure out how to convert the...
  7. Happy October from North Idaho

    Member Introduction
    Hello all you ghouls and zombros! I have been enjoying hacks, tips, ideas and downright creativity from everyone on this forum. As an all hallows eve-eve baby (Oct 30, the last time I was early for anything) and for the third year now, I have been tasked with the honor (horror?) of creating the...
  8. Hi everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Thanks so much for having me. It's awesome to have so many others who are so passionate about Halloween as I am. I'm a party/event planner and although I mainly do weddings and business events, I LOVE to throw a huge party and haunt each year. Been doing this ever since high school many...
  9. Other: School Spook Alley

    Halloween Props
    So... I'm a big dummy. I've never made a haunt before and I volunteered to build a spook alley for the elementary school carnival. I think I'm in over my head and would love some help! We don't have a place for the spook alley yet. It will either be in the hallway, or maybe on the stage or an...
  10. Think or Re-Think?

    General Halloween
    A small town haunt in the old school, still owned by the school dist. operated as a charity haunt. A woman recognized her old friend walking toward her. She jumped out, scared him. He punched her very quick and hard, she hit the floor. He apologized many times. He has post traumatic stress ...
  11. North Dakota folks, I have questions!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My other half is looking at taking a job offer in the Fargo area. We know NOTHING about ND, except what little we can find online. It's always best to hear from people who actually live there. :) What's the weather like on average, around Halloween, summers, winters? We are used to relatively...
  12. Non-Profit School organization looking for Haunted House Sponsors

    General Halloween
    Hi My Fellow Haunters, My daughters school is in Sherman Oaks, CA. Each Halloween we build a 3,500 square foot Haunted House for our school Halloween Carnival. We use 3D, awesome props and AtmosFearFX digital decor. This year we are looking for a sponsor. I'm looking for advice on how to...
  13. My Haunt's "Oscar Moment" . What's yours?

    General Halloween
    Curious about what you consider the most rewarding reaction to your haunt. My nominees all involve grade-schoolers: >A neighbor uses their daily visits a leverage to get his boys to eat their veggies. >A school teacher using update pictures of my display as leverage to get her class to behave...
  14. Funny and Old School Halloween photos

    Haunted Humor
    Some are cringey, some are funny, some are old school. Worth the clicks for me. https://gma.yahoo.com/photos/boo-these-halloween-photos-are-awkward-1382639571-slideshow/boo-these-halloween-photos-are-awkward-photo-1444955678763.html Really scary, too.
  15. UV Reactive Fabric Dye query

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My daughter has picked out a Vampire dress that she loves. But it's white silk with an overlay of woollen lace. Very Old School, but it doesn't glow under Black Light. Isn't there some sort of dye available that we can use to cause it to reflect?
  16. More PC BS in Conn. school district, lets assist in change

    General Halloween
    Every day the great United States of America because less of a great country. Now an entire school district is canceling Halloween due to the PC police. The American traditions are being stripped away each and every day and I for one am tired of this nonsense. There is a petition available to...
  17. Vintage Beistle

    Has anyone here seen this? Www.vintagebeistle.com They have some cool reproductions of old school halloween decorations.
  18. halloween display in ohio gone too far?

    General Halloween
    Saw this on facebook today what do you guys this is this going way too far its right by an elementary school http://6abc.com/society/life-like-halloween-display-too-real-for-town/1024767/
  19. My Introduction

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Bailey. I hail from the great state of West Virginia. I have always loved Halloween and everything that goes with it. I worked at a costume shop during high school and was able to dress up as Michael Myers then stand outside the store scaring everyone who walked by. I...
  20. Things Are changing1

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Yesterday everyone in this small"Burg"read the local scandal sheet,the front page told how the old School building ( bought yrs. ago for $2500.oo was sold for $80,000,bought to soon Become an expensive school for kids from China! This little town's Population is only 1,700. The new sch00l is...