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  1. Fall/Halloween Candle and Fragrance thread 2019

    General Halloween
    I didn't see this thread yet so I thought I'd start it. I was at a Yankee Candle store for the Semi Annual Sale and saw that they had some early fall scents out. The four melt cups I purchased are Golden Chestnut, Farmstand Festival, Ciderhouse, and Dried Lavender & Oak. I think there was...
  2. Fall / Halloween Candle and Fragrance Thread 2017

    General Halloween
    I didn't see this thread started yet this year so thought I'd get it kicked off. Post anything fragrance related here, including wax melts, plug-ins, clips, sprays, body care, candles and Fall or Halloween accessories - any type, any brand (no Boney Bunch though- there's a separate thread for...
  3. Fog: Can you really add scent to foggers?

    Halloween Props
    Just read in a different post that someone was looking for oil to scent her fogger. Can you really do this safely without destroying the fogger or starting a fire hazard? They work on heat don't they seems to me you may have a problem with jets or a real problem when over heating oils?? Please...
  4. Halloween Scentsy

    General Halloween
    I am not a scentsy rep, but a huge fan. Saw this special. I can't wait to smell the scent of the month! Worth checking into. Cute warmer too.
  5. Saffire blue

    Merchant Reviews
    Hi folks! I will update this later once I receive the product, but Just want to say how incredibly thrilled I am! I ordered three scents from saffireblue.ca to add to my fog juice. (cotton candy, a blue raspberry (or cherry) slushie scent, and a christmas one that seems like it could work for...
  6. Fog: fog scent additives

    Halloween Props
    anyone have reviews on scent additives? What did you buy and how did it smell? Besides froggy's any good companies that sell it? thanks
  7. 2015 Halloween Fragrance Discussion Thread

    General Halloween
    Well guys its just about the half way mark until we hit the Halloween season! :D So what are our hopes for this year's offerings from your favorite vendors? I'm hoping to see all of Yankee Candles pumpkin offerings again. And I'd love it if someone could put out a nice licorice scent. So far...
  8. Fog: Froggy's Juice Scent, thumbs up!

    Halloween Props
    I just got my delivery from Froggy's today minutes before I had to head into work. I have two machines I'm running, one to my Bone of Arc and the other to the cauldron creep. In a bit of twisted humor I decided to order the barbeque scent to run with the burned at the stake prop. Opened up...
  9. 2013 Halloween and Autumn Scents, Candles and Fragranceology Discussion Thread

    General Halloween
    :D Hi all, Just wanted to get a thread started where we discuss the scents of Autumn and Halloween. I'm a huge fan of all the holiday aromas and begin my annual scent-a-thon at the start of September. I buy all of the Yankee Candle offerings but also have recently bgeun mixing in some...