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  1. Other: DIY backdrops...scene setters

    Halloween Props
    I was thinking of a full Halloween scene...graveyard...haunted house..etc. painted on sheets and hung across entire front of my house. Has anyone ever done one of these yourself? I would like to try this myself instead of buying those scene setters. Ideas?
  2. Scene setters - help hanging?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone i am new to the site, I have bought a graveyard scene setter and i was wondering best way to hang it, i tried sticky tack last year and it fell down, My walls are concrete and wallpapered so pins don't go in and i can't use tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. 2013 haunt before i moved away from scene setters.

    General Halloween
    This is my 2013 haunt which is the year before i started painting canvases instead of using scene setters.
  4. Wanted: Pvc/ maze materials

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for help acquiring cheap or free PVC connecters. 3/4" 5 WAY | 3 Way Corner | 4 Way TEE | 3 Way Wye Black Painters 6 mil fabric. Maze is 12' x 12' Scene Setters. Basically anything to build a maze :)