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  1. Hanging Scene Setter

    Halloween Props
    My husband and I have had our share of exploring all the possibilities for hanging scene-setter throughout the years ranging from various kinds of putty to staples. At the end of Halloween, we are left with staple holes that we need to cover then paint over or smudge spots from the putty that we...
  2. Other: DIY backdrops...scene setters

    Halloween Props
    I was thinking of a full Halloween scene...graveyard...haunted house..etc. painted on sheets and hung across entire front of my house. Has anyone ever done one of these yourself? I would like to try this myself instead of buying those scene setters. Ideas?
  3. Scene setters - help hanging?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone i am new to the site, I have bought a graveyard scene setter and i was wondering best way to hang it, i tried sticky tack last year and it fell down, My walls are concrete and wallpapered so pins don't go in and i can't use tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. 2013 haunt before i moved away from scene setters.

    General Halloween
    This is my 2013 haunt which is the year before i started painting canvases instead of using scene setters.
  5. Wanted: Pvc/ maze materials

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for help acquiring cheap or free PVC connecters. 3/4" 5 WAY | 3 Way Corner | 4 Way TEE | 3 Way Wye Black Painters 6 mil fabric. Maze is 12' x 12' Scene Setters. Basically anything to build a maze :)