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  1. Electronic/Software: Triggering Audio Help

    Halloween Props
    Hey eveyone! So I am planning on building a talking skeleton in a rocking chair this year. I've bought one of these for the skull. And one of these to trigger the rocking chair, led spotlights and audio. My dilemma is that I don't want to be limited to one phrase for the skull (the song from...
  2. Electronic/Software: Dead ST-200 board?

    Halloween Props
    One of my 2-year-old ST-200 audio servo driver boards has suddenly crapped out on me without any warning. No apparent damage, power LED fails to light, no servo response. I tried powering it alternately by battery and wall wart but with no success. I'm guessing it might have died for some...
  3. Mechanical: multiple axis and the kitchen sink

    Halloween Props
    This probably belongs under one of the other threads but I was looking to see if anyone had posted the whole shebang! I mean what they use for sound and for control the whole package? I'm using scary terry's boards for the jaw and I plan on using prop 1s for the neck axis. But I see very little...