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  1. Adding Harold to the graveyard?

    General Halloween
    We just watched a really good new flick called "Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark". It's a classic teenagers getting themselves in trouble during Halloween kind of "horror" flick. I'd call it more of a thriller than a horror flick. I highly recommend it, but not exactly scary. Anyway, there was...
  2. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Illustrated Horror Anthology

    Horror Discussion
    Hey spooky folks, I'm a horror author—you may have read some of my work over in the Literature and Role-Playing sub-forum. I was recently asked to contribute a frightening tale for an upcoming anthology from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, a podcast network that produces audio versions of...
  3. Ghost Stories by James Colton

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I write a lot of ghost stories. I love scaring people through my writing and I'm always trying to get better. To that end I'd like to share some of my work in this thread, for the purpose of entertaining you and perhaps getting some constructive feedback. Since the stories can get pretty long...
  4. 24 Days Till Halloween

    24 Days Till Halloween 10/07/2013 Random Records - Fright (1960) Random Records - Horror (1960) Random Records - Nightmare (1960) Random Records - Terror (1960) Here are the Richard Taylor albums I was dreading a bit. On “Fright”, Taylor reads “The Fall of the House of Usher”. His pacing is...
  5. 43 Days Till Halloween

    43 Days Till Halloween 9/18/2013 More Kids stuff … perhaps I can wrap this folder up today. Scary Stories for Little Monsters (1999) This was a terrific listen. The first two tracks are okay … the three long traditional folk stories that follow, “The Sprightly Tailor”, “Jack and the Marsh...
  6. 91 Days Till Halloween

    91 Days Till Halloween 8/1/2013 Taking the kids camping this weekend, so for the next couple days I should brush up on my ghost stories. I’m going to pick and choose my favorites out of that folder today. We’ll start with a Grammy winner! Buck Howdy - Aaaaah! Spooky, Scary Stories & Songs...
  7. Horror and Scary Story - The Session

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    The thought fluttered through her head, borne on a torrent of notes, as her mind drifted, her fingers left on autopilot. Her bow hopped and dragged across the fiddle’s strings, coaxing drones and triplets from the instrument; the fingers of her left hand flickered, fast as lightning, in rolls...