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  1. Halloween Music
    A couple of days ago I was watching this amazing documentary about the Scary Stories books: The documentary was very well narrated and filmed. I highly recommend you watching it for free on Tubi streaming. This is one of the artist that contributed music to the film:
  2. General Halloween
    We just watched a really good new flick called "Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark". It's a classic teenagers getting themselves in trouble during Halloween kind of "horror" flick. I'd call it more of a thriller than a horror flick. I highly recommend it, but not exactly scary. Anyway, there was...
  3. Blog
    24 Days Till Halloween 10/07/2013 Random Records - Fright (1960) Random Records - Horror (1960) Random Records - Nightmare (1960) Random Records - Terror (1960) Here are the Richard Taylor albums I was dreading a bit. On “Fright”, Taylor reads “The Fall of the House of Usher”. His pacing is...
  4. Blog
    43 Days Till Halloween 9/18/2013 More Kids stuff … perhaps I can wrap this folder up today. Scary Stories for Little Monsters (1999) This was a terrific listen. The first two tracks are okay … the three long traditional folk stories that follow, “The Sprightly Tailor”, “Jack and the Marsh...
  5. Blog
    91 Days Till Halloween 8/1/2013 Taking the kids camping this weekend, so for the next couple days I should brush up on my ghost stories. I’m going to pick and choose my favorites out of that folder today. We’ll start with a Grammy winner! Buck Howdy - Aaaaah! Spooky, Scary Stories & Songs...
1-5 of 8 Results