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    7 Days Till Halloween 10/24/2013 Only one week to go! What the heck … “Sound Atmospheres”, here I come. Forum Novelties, Inc. - Haunted Horror Sounds (2009) One non-stop hour of spookiness. There’s mysterious organ music throughout. On top of that, various screams, evil laughs, eerie whistles...
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    73 Days Till Halloween 8/19/2013 13 Transylvania Avenue - The Sounds of Horror Nothing special. Kinda fun to hear the “stock” screams that you hear in a lot of movies, commercials, etc. About a half-hours worth of fun here. The track all have names, but this could almost just be one long track...
  3. Halloween Music
    Hi all, Wanted to inform you all that we with Scare Tactic Productions have put out our first Atmosphere album "Gothic Nightmare's". This album has ANY atmosphere that you would need for a church/cemetery scene. Check it out here! It's over an hour of sounds. Each track is meant to loop and...
1-3 of 3 Results