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  1. The new 'Cloaked Wraith' Scaremation window/display animation is now available!

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    Hi, everyone! This is my latest animation, three minutes long, with nine separate appearances of the skeletal ghost, featuring lots of hissing, snarling, wind-blown cloak and window glass banging. Now available for purchase at my Scaremation website, along with the rest of my animation library.
  2. Scaremation 2014 (Halloween display animations)

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    Hi, guys. Larry here!... I've been away for quite a while, but am now trying to get back into the whole forum thing again. Hope you're all doing well! As some of you may know, I'm the animator responsible for the animations of Scaremation (and the recent commercial). I wanted to make myself...
  3. Scaremation Halloween Display Animation New Web Site

    Scaremation Halloween Display Animation New Web Site http://www.laerworks.com/scaremation/products.html
  4. new SCAREMATION animation for 2012 ready for purchase

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    Hey folks. SCAREMATION products for 2012 are ready and on the website! 3 new animations have been posted to the site so far, including a often requested "ghost" ! Folks have given us feedback that they want more slammers and creatures over black and we will definitely be accommodating...
  5. SCAREMATION is open for business!

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    Custom Halloween window projection available for immediate download. Projected animation is a great way to inexpensively and easily add movement and sound to your haunt, and is a great compliment to physical props and structures. New animation is always being created and added to the products...
  6. Glad to be here!

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    hey everybody. I don't know why I never joined this forum before! I am a charity home haunter here in Ontario, Canada. Have been running Scaresdale Manor since 2005. What can I say except that I love Halloween and spend an insane amount of time thinking about it and building for it. And I am...