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  1. General Halloween
    The pictures from our 2018 Halloween yard haunt are up on Flickr. This year's theme was scarecrows. https://flic.kr/s/aHskLwE8i1
  2. Halloween Props
    For those with tall outdoor pumpkin scarecrows, sentinels, etc ... is there a consensus best ways to illuminate them? This is all still pretty new to me, (though I have picked up the aesthetic part quick) but right now I'm just not sure how you're lighting up your pumpkins when they're 6,7, 8...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello- I'm trying to make a sitting scarecrow prop work from a remote trigger. The trigger is just a relay with a remote control. I've done this before with other props (just yesterday the jumping spider) but I can't figure out what I'm missing with this one. I expected to use a 3.5mm audio...
  4. General Halloween
    Has anyone else started on their autumn pre-halloween outdoor decorating? Every year I enjoy getting my house ready with festive autumn planters, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and more. I still need to add some lights, garland and wreath, that will be this weeks project. I'd love...
  5. Halloween Props
    If you're haunting a farm you gotta have scarecrows. 2 down several more to go. "][/URL] Sorry bout the messy background. I could say it's not usually like that but I would be lying.
  6. Halloween Props
    First year with a semi-serious yard display...what worked? - Atmosfearfx window projections - Kiddie window - singing pumpkins, witching hour, Numskulls - Scary window - phantasms, ghostly apparitions, sinister spinster, etc.[/INDENT] - Tiki torch skulls - Lightning box w/ 500w light...
  7. General Halloween
    ...have a definite shift in their Halloween/Fall decor? Or is it all full-throttle Halloween start-to-finish? I have a definite shift. Around the second week of September, I'll dress my mailbox and gas lamp with fall leaves and put out autumn themed wreaths. Near my front gate, in late...
1-7 of 7 Results