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  1. Nightmare City Halloween Presents Scar Stuff Lives

    Halloween Music
    Nightmare City Halloween Presents Scar Stuff Lives "The Spooky So Far" (2006) 10th Anniversary Tribute In 2006 Jason Willis created the ultimate Halloween audio sharing blog which created the mold for which all other Halloween audio blogs aspired to emulate. Sadly, Jason was forced to remove...
  2. Best comps ever

    If you ask Wil Wheaton, two of the three greatest Halloween compilations available are from Jason at Scar Stuff. I agree. Spook Party and Ghoul-arama are the best comps out there. THE BEST. The mixing is brilliant and witty, and the whole thing is wonderfully old-school (even though they aren't...
  3. 2 Days Till Halloween

    2 Days Till Halloween 10/29/2013 Mort Garson - Black Mass - Lucifer (1971) An early electronic classic. Oh, I forgot … I need to listen to these radio shows! That should give me a good overview of all the great Halloween songs. Dr. Demento - Demented Halloween Radio Show (1984) Not sure where...
  4. 63 Days till Halloween

    63 Days till Halloween 8/29/2013 Might as well stay with the “Mixes from Blogs” folder, containing mixes I’ve downloaded from various internet sites over the years. I got hooked on Halloween music thanks largely to Never Ending Wonder Radio’s Halloween channels about 10 or 12 years ago. Then I...
  5. Scar stuff vintage lp records download!

    Halloween Music
    Was anyone fortunate enough to download the enormous free library of vintage LP Halloween songs that Jason from Scar Stuff Blog hosted online before he ran out of bandwidth and took it all down? Below is his message from 2009 and I am happy to say he is still active on his blog. I am searching...