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  1. FINALLY finished taking it all down!

    General Halloween
    Since Halloween, we have worked long hours on every weeknight and every weekend and it's taken us until last night to take it all down and put away. There's actually still about an hour of work that needs to be done to put away the last few things, but it's finally done! We still have the...
  2. Other: Barnyard nitemares

    Halloween Props
    We opened the haunt to the public last weekend (Friday,Saturday Sunday) for the first time. Some may recall that it was open for a party 2 years ago and then sat last year due to other commitments of the owner. Here's a video taken on Saturday night. This was later in the evening when a couple...
  3. Nor'easter coming up the coast this week-end...of course our party is Saturday.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Whatever - we got through the snow in 2011. Just hope there isn't a lot of wind. It's still early, hopefully it'll go farther off the coast or slow down so it doesn't reach us until Sunday.
  4. Joann - Halloween sale + Expires Sat. 9/29 Friends & Family and 4.99 ship Bonus

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Many items on Joann.com for Halloween are on sale. Their Funkins are 60% off. In addition thru Saturday, 9/29, you can also apply a Friends & Family Discount of 25% off Your Entire Purchase (see website for some restrictions but the 25% applies to regular and sale priced items exclusive of...
  5. And Then... Disaster Strikes!

    General Halloween
    We've been putting up a maze for the past three years, and we're always rushing around at the 11th hour to get it all done. This year we had the annual Spooky Empire event going on in Orlando, and Jonathan Breck, who played The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers was there, along with Jennifer Carpenter...
  6. october 21 parties

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    there's usually a thread for parties of various dates, but i don't see them this year so i'll start this one. our party is this saturday, 10/21, and we're so so so far behind right now. anyone else?
  7. Halloween Party on a Friday Night?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm going to poll my friends, but thought I'd ask the experts here first. Do people go to parties on Friday night? Here is my dilemma, normally I have my party on the last Saturday night before Halloween. The NHL schedule for next season came out the other day (I am a season ticket holder and...
  8. How I make Halloween last 6 weeks...

    General Halloween
    For the last few years, my brother and I have been driving his hearse in the Worlds of Fun amusement park Halloween Haunt parade in Kansas City, MO. Haunt happens every Friday and Saturday night from mid-September until Halloween, and is opened at dusk by the Overlords Awakening, where a...
  9. Need help with The Winking Game!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Can someone please send me the link to be able to print off the pics for the winking game?? My party is Saturday and I'm trying to get things together. Thank you!
  10. halloween gig

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    here's (hopefully, if this link works) a video of my band from this past saturday night, throwing a halloween party on stage. :D
  11. My Saturday morning visitor .,

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Saturday morning was open for Archery season here. As I sat and watched the sun rise from my blind, this little guy came lumbering in to eat his fill of corn. :D Maybe 80 - 90 lbs, really goofy little bear. He hung with me all morning, so no deer came in, but it was fun to watch him. Love being...
  12. Monday ToTing- Beter or Worse for haunters

    General Halloween
    Do you expect less trick or treaters this year? I thought last year we had less because people went to parties on Saturday. I want to think more kids will tot this year. Thoughts?
  13. When spring break turns into Halloween.

    General Halloween
    Try as we might, there's just no topping Mother Nature. We took spring break last week down to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. When Friday and Saturday turned into a rainy wet wash... That's when we headed into the park specifically seeking out atmosphere pics. Guard at the gate...
  14. Ravens Grin-We weren't on the List--but we were!

    General Halloween
    "Legends Haunt Tour" had busses of Haunt Owners traveling around the Midwest over a several day period seeing "Haunted House Legends". My small-town creation of the last 28 years was not on that list, but that did not stop the Haunt Owners from seeking us out everyday during their "off-time"...
  15. Jacks are carved and it finally feels like Halloween for me!!!!

    General Halloween
    This was kind of a strange Halloween. Pretty much all of the budget for Halloween went to a home improvement project instead of new props so nothing new was built for the haunt this year. Also, I didn't really have any ideas for new stuff so I have just sort of coasted into the big night so...
  16. Sure Have Missed You All!

    General Halloween
    Well, this past year has been sheer hell for our family. So many bad things have happened. I'm currently just trying to keep my head above the water. Maybe I can tread a bit more before just saying to hell with it. Trying to put up a small scale halloween display ---- raining here today, and...
  17. 2015 I have opened the yard to the public

    General Halloween
    I have finished my haunt setup for this year and opened it today for the public. The yard will be open from today until November 7 and this every wendsday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last year we had 731 visitors and this year I am hoping for 1000 visitors, which is a lot for a country...
  18. Anyone buying candy yet?

    General Halloween
    We've started picking up bags of candy bars already. Thinking we'll go through at least 600 this year with it being on a Saturday. The fun sized bars are running about $2.67 a bag so we're spacing out the purchase so we don't get hammered all at once.
  19. Party on The Wong Day, would you?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am in a bit if dilemma. I have a small Halloween party for my close friends, and have for the last 4 years. I'm based in Denmark and Halloween isn't really big here. It's picked up a lot over the last few years tho, and I'm really loving arranging it. The last two party's I've had the pleasure...
  20. Post 666 !!!

    General Halloween
    An eerie omen of a perfect Saturday Halloween !!!