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  1. IMG_0164.jpg

    Devilin Incarnate Sarcophagus with skeleton that pops up
  2. LOTR - King of Men Sarcophagus - Part 1

    Various materials used and first time using SketchUp to help design the complete Sarcophagus.
  3. Halloween Props
    Last year I made this sarcophagus in kind of a last minute decision since I messed up on the coffin I was trying to make. I realized too late that my dimensions were off so I decided to make this instead. I am pleased with how the sarcophagus turned out overall and I like the variation of using...
  4. Halloween Props
    A month or two ago the haunters group I am part of here in CA did corpsing as a make and take...I really liked how my corpse turned out so I figured I would need some way to display him. I decided to build a sarcophagus out of foam and here is the result!! Let me know what you all think. Any...
1-5 of 5 Results