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  1. General Halloween
    Between personal and professional commitments I almost didn't put out a display this year. The weather was too perfect (sunny and in the high 50’s) not to put out something. So I literally waited till the 11th hour; well actually it was about 4:00pm and scramble madly for the next hour grabbing...
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Salutations and greetings all! This year, instead of hosting a traditional party, I will be doing a handful of Halloween/Samhain-themed one-shot Dungeons & Dragons games. Some will be far spookier and creepier than others, but all will be fun and will have a LOT of silly and fun props and loot...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi. These are the two Props, which i build this year for my halloween party and the one who is still there from last year. What do you think? Rocking chair lady: Doll: And this guy is one year old and still in a good condition. Samhain himself, approximately 11 feet:
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi guys. My name is James and I signed up a few days ago. I did so to post about a game my company made. We're not a games company, but when making an image recognition prototype, the result at least resembled a game, so we quickly made two apps, one in a 'spooky' theme. The player gets clues...
  5. General Halloween
    This time of year is very special for me. I celebrate Samhain and Hallowe'en. I have to do my Samhain rituals unfortunately without anyone knowing since that's not approved in my house. I'm pagan, parents Christian. Anyway, that's not the point. I celebrate both. I decorate for Hallowe'en, dress...
1-5 of 9 Results