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    So I went on a long trip from Ohio to Massachusetts and here are some of things I experienced this year a lot of fun and a lot of people Haunted Happenings 2019
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    My husband and I are taking a vacation to Boston the 1st week/weekend of October , I'm so super excited about this trip, I can't stand it!!!! So,....any recommendations on Halloween events or spooky type things to do? I'm sure there are tons! I'm hoping we can make a quick daytrip to Salem, if...
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    I never knew this was here! I've been doing up Halloween big time for years, and always thought I was doing it for the kids. Turns out, I realize I have more fun with it than they do! I'm coming to this forum to share my ideas and hopefully gain some new ones for myself. I love the creativity...
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    Hi everyone. I just added my REVIEW of my trip to SALEM MA to my site. take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks. http://shadowsofhorror.com/rev-salem.html
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    Is it me? Or am I the only person around that likes old-fashioned , creepy, cozy, Halloween stuff? I mean I like horror just as much as the next person..but why is it that all the modern horror films are filled with blood and gore and T/A? What happened to fog, dark of night, the sound of the...