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  1. Static: A couple of new things for me this year... besides the fence. (witch & monster)

    Halloween Props
    $10 Witch prop I got and am using stuff I already have on hand to upgrade, (PVC stand, adding fabric to her dress which started sheer, etc.). She still needs work but it's a start. Next to her is one of the pumpkins I am rewiring to be much safer after what happened last year. This is...
  2. Electric Tiki Torch - How To

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey gang! I just finished putting together a "how to" tutorial on how to turn a regular patio tiki torch into an electric one. Makes for a safer haunt!
  3. Prop Showcase: Molding/casting my swap meet hatchet score!

    Halloween Props
    I found this really old cool looking hatchet at a local swap meet and picked it up for a couple bucks. I really liked all the detail in the wood grain and the tape on the handle so I figured it would be worth duplicating out of a lighter safer material for prop use. Let me know what you think...