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  1. My birthday nightmare :(

    General Halloween
    I was having a less than happy birthday on Sunday and it only got worse. I was pet sitting for a friend and I got the call from my neighbor around 7:15pm... my garage was on fire. Halloween forum friends... I lost 34 years of collecting Halloween stored in my garage and I have nothing Halloween...
  2. Starting over-best way to build flats ?

    Hello Forum, I have been off line for some time as in 2017 the local town made us an offer we could not refuse on the homestead. Long story short we relocated to a much smaller property and 2018 was our first year in the new place. I managed to get my yard set up and the neighbors and kids...
  3. Electronic/Software: Sparking Props

    Halloween Props
    I made a prosthetic claw out of foam for a zombie walk and now I wish to make it better. I want sparks when the claw ends touch. Fright Props used to sell "Spark Gloves" that were battery operated and safe for user and others. Unfortunately they don't sell those anymore and I can't find any...
  4. New User: Showers - Season's Greetings

    Member Introduction
    Greetings HalloweenForum.com Users and Staff, My name is Showers and I come before you, presumably at your favorite time of year! About me: California, US. When not working, I volunteer my time with one of the best film and costume prop makers in my area. I will make your mannequins blush...
  5. hello!! wishing a safe and spooky halloween :)

    Hello! new member here :) Halloween's coming up!! In addition to all of the fun and spooky things that make Halloween great, it's always good to remember some safety tips to keep Halloween safe and fun for you and younger Halloween goers. Here's a cute little Halloween Safety infographic if...
  6. Electronic/Software: Hooking up a motor safely

    Halloween Props
    Hi there, This is my first post on this forum, so apologies if it's not really in the right place! I have a motor that I swiped from a microwave that I thought would be good to use for a crank ghost; it's low RPM (5-6) and should have a fairly OK amount of torque. My question really is about...
  7. Happy 4th of July, Halloweeners.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and SAFE 4th of July! I hope you relax in the sun and see spectacular fireworks this weekend!! Drive safe!! :D
  8. For those using old wood pallettes to build...

    General Halloween
    http://www.1001pallets.com/pallet-safety I am thinking about starting to do this for a coffin soon and this article is really helpful to know which are safe. I thought I would share since it seems a lot of you guys use them.
  9. Any way to convert Youtube to MP3?

    Halloween Music
    I was using Video2mp3 online converter before, but now they require registering, which I'm not comfortable with. Anyone know an safe alternative?
  10. Walpurgis is upon us

    General Halloween
    The wife is gone. The bedroom window is open, and the room reeks of belladonna. The broom is missing. Then it hits me... It's April 30th, Walpurgis is upon us. Have a safe and sorcery-free evening, folks. Guess I'm ordering a pizza...
  11. Who did Negan kill?

    Horror Discussion
    I know it's a separate thread but putting this out there just for your ideas on who got whacked! My money is on Glen
  12. "Safe" Hangman Noose

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Does anyone have any tips on making a hangman noose safe? I have an idea for a costume where the character will be wearing a noose around his neck, with maybe 2 feet of broken rope dangling either behind him or in front. I have no intention of "hanging" with the noose at any time, but I'm not...
  13. Halloween Neighborhoods?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know of any streets in their towns that do Halloween in a big way? Here in Albuquerque we have a street called Forrester that the fire department blocks off to traffic from one end to the other to provide a safe place or TOTs and the majority of the houses decorate and participate...
  14. Running out of time, ideas, please :)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi Guys, My Halloween party is planned 10/10, however I have been super preoccupied with family stuff. Without going into too much detail, my father (who was living with us) has dementia and really went down hill, sudden and quick. He is no longer at my home but we're working for a long term...
  15. FREE; Set of 4 Halloween coffee mugs

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Never used, dishwasher and microwave safe. You pay shipping
  16. Static: Planning a high fantasy inspired dungeon..help?

    Halloween Props
    Ok so my first post, (seen some great stuff on here so far). I'm planning a quite ambitious high fantasy inspired dungeon (rather than a dedicated 'haunt though could be ramped up in intensity for different ages) as a live action adventure game for children primarily 7/12 years. Think classic...
  17. It's go time!!

    General Halloween
    Lights are on. Candles are ready to be lit. Animatronics are on and fog machine is set. All systems go. Everyone is getting their costumes on and I'm getting in the zone. It's go time! This will be the last time I'm on tonight so for those who do have trick or treat this evening, be safe and...
  18. Okay, which one of you is wearing this on Halloween? (maybe not work safe...)

    General Halloween
    I got no words for this.... maybe one... Boob monster...