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  1. Mechanical: PMW Pulse Motor Controller + Recorder

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to build a "Monster in a box" prop this year. Actually it will be a "Monster in a Coffin" but the effect will be similar. I want to use the prop controller from Monster Guts in my title. I don't want the controller however to be triggered, but to run continuously on a loop. Fright...
  2. Electronic/Software: Convert piezo sound sensor to PIR (HC-SR501)

    Halloween Props
    I just started getting into hacking props this year. Maybe next year I'll try my hand a my own custom props. Anyway... Last year, I bought the Rising Reaper on clearance at Wal-Mart. It runs off of 3 AA batteries. I dislike battery operated props, so I converted it to AC power by simply using a...
  3. 'tis the season

    General Halloween
    i've never made tombstones, but in the past i've often used the cheap foam tombstones that are about a foot or so tall that you get at dollar tree or other places. i told my wife recently that i wasn't going to use those anymore because they don't stand up and they break and they're generally...
  4. Electronic/Software: New routine for 2016 3 axis pirates

    Halloween Props
    This year I finally got the skulls all wired up via Cat 5, with 20' runs. It was a fun project and I learned a LOT. This will be set up in the yard with the computer and SSC32 board safe on the front porch. The new routine goes about 10 minutes, with chatter and a couple of songs. The vocals are...
  5. Fog: Anybody know how to UNCLOG a fogger?

    Halloween Props
    This is a 2 year old spirit machine. It clogged Halloween night. I've got the fog cleaner in it right now but it won't draw the cleaner up into the machine becasue of the clog. It runs fine and tries to pull the cleaner out of the tank, but no go. Wondered if there were any other tips or...
  6. Halloween Extreme in Orlando frustrations !

    General Halloween
    Trying to plan our trip up but the schedule of events is never updated .....posting here because this is a high traffic respected site and word might get put to whoever runs the website to get on it. Sry for the rant. Anyways, anybody else going?
  7. Eliminator EF-1000 Fog Machine and Timer

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Eliminator EF-1000 Fog Machine and Timer (SOLD) I bought this fogger a couple years ago and it has only been used on Halloween night. It is in great overall shape. It comes with the box, all original hardware, and the original paper work. This fogger still sells on Amazon for $63 without the...
  8. The final result!!!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So here are the pictures of the family on Halloween night. I think over all it turned out pretty well. I have never done much makeup before, and had to kind of learn by trail and error on my test runs leading up to the big day. I think there were some that could have been better (the devil/demon...
  9. Anyone else get nervous / anxious about tonight???

    General Halloween
    Will my props perform right? Do they look good / right? Will people like the display and the many many hours I put into it? All the crazyness that runs through my head.... yep, I get nervous, I want all my hard work to not go to waste! Am I alone??
  10. Electronic/Software: Audio feedback problem

    Halloween Props
    So I setup my Grandfather clock today and I'm getting some annoying audio hum intermittently. When the audio is running the hum disappears but comes back again when nothing is playing. The clock has a lot of moving parts, it runs a servo for a talking skull pendulum using a Scary Terry board...