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  1. Attention - Panjo Classified Service Retiring

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello, As some of you may know the owners of Panjo Classifieds Service have decided to retire the product. What does this mean for you? As of March 31st, Panjo will no longer allow new items to be listed for sale through Panjo, though existing listings will still be accessible. Following that...
  2. Winking Murder Printables!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Ok, I was looking everywhere for printable cards for the winking murder game. There was a lady on here, who said she would email them if needed, But I am not sure if she is still a member. So I made my own take on the cards. Here they are if you want them! (I printed mine in large size prints...
  3. Garage Haunt Posted Rules

    General Halloween
  4. Halloween Forum MODERATORS WANTED!

    General Halloween
    Halloween Forum is a really unique place and we want to keep it a friendly, awesome site for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and professional haunters alike. So that being said, the time has come to put out a call for a few good members to step up and help keep the forum clean and tidy...
  5. The Rules

    General Halloween
    I just wanted to start a fun discussion about the house rules for Halloween decorations. As laid out for me by my wife: The decorations must be stored in the storeroom in the basement. It is a fairly large room and I am ok with that since I could easily see it getting out of control...
  6. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  7. HALLOWEEN countdown banner not resetting

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Just noticed that our countdown banner that is located on the main landing page (in between the rules section and the general forum categories) hasn't reset to start the countdown. It seems to be stuck saying "TODAY IS HALLOWEEN" :o Can it be reset?
  8. Haunt Rules - How to...

    General Halloween
    I would like to make a prop/sign for my haunt that has rules on it (no running, don't touch anything, etc), but I just don't have the time this year. What I would like to try to do instead is make a simple video displaying the rules (that I can just put on my TV at the entrance) with some...
  9. Static: Paint advice

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. This is probably a stupid question but some prop tutorials I have seen have listed latex paint as a requirement. I am not sure what this is. I live in Uk so maybe it is called something else over here? Could anyone recommend a type of paint if its not against the rules? Thanks
  10. Hello from a new member!

    Member Introduction
    I'm a new member. I'm a maker, tinker, hobbyist, and I love Halloween. I joined to network and let people know about a fun project I made a couple years ago that I'm making available to everyone for their haunts. As I understand the rules, I'll need to post info about that in the merchant...
  11. Need help, fast - audio disk not working

    Halloween Music
    I was all set to have my animated talking skelly 'read' the rules to my customers but now the CD won't play (t's an old ripped CD). I searched the forum for recorded rules but only found very old posts, the downloads mentioned aren't available anymore. I need something current and a download...
  12. 2015 Christmas Fan Club Prop Contest has begun

    Off-Topic Stuff
    As many of you know, Larry, our wonderful forum owner has a sister site to this one. It is Christmas Fan Club. Each spring we have a prop contest much like the one here. If you are a CFC member (or would like to be) we encourage you to PLEASE join in. The membership on CFC is much smaller and...
  13. transworld show rules???

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    anyone been to transworld show in MO? do they have rules on roller bags bought in or back packs? do they have coat check on site? I have never been to this convention center.... used to do the IL show.... been a few years..... I am not staying on site or that close to it.
  14. Admit it, you know you like it when...

    General Halloween
    ...you cause traffic jams in your neighborhood the day of. I'll admit it, I'm egotistical when it comes to my haunt. I like seeing and hearing about how congested it gets. Well you ask, how do you know you are at the root of congestion. Well because I've driven around all my streets in...
  15. 10 Frightening Pre-Code Horror Movies You Need to Watch

    Horror Discussion
    Buzzfeed has been just bringing the Halloween love lately & this is one of their lists & I agree with all their choices. Pre-code is crazy town sometimes. TCM has been running pre-code movies lately & when you consider the time some of them are pretty shocking in visuals & content...
  16. Haunted House Rules?

    General Halloween
    Hi, I recently found out that I will be doing a charity haunt for the 2014 season, and I was wondering what would be some good rules to post in the que lines. I have a good list already but I just want to cover all my bases and make shure I am not missing anything. Thanks!
  17. Rules Sign

    Halloween Props
    I would like some help in making a "rules" sign for my yard haunt......What do you put on your signs?:)
  18. Rules for home haunt actors

    General Halloween
    This year is the first year I'll have more than just my son working my home haunt. I'm going to have 5 people total, and they're all teens, so figured I should put together a list of rules for them (common sense and teen don't usually go together). Here's what I have so far. What else do I need...