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  1. Other: Snake Skins/Props

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! On good old Marketplace, I was able to buy two 60" poseable skeletons for a combined $10. Couldn't pass that up! They're the good ones too. Anyhow! Got me to thinking about All Hallows Eve this year. I've always done spiders, as it's what I hate, and wanted to share the fear...
  2. Pneumatic: Startle: Jumping spider

    Halloween Props
    This is a medium sized, rubber spider that is resting on a hidden air solenoid nozzle. When the victim presses a button on the control panel, the solenoid is activated and shoots the spider towards them. It’s about 90 psi, from a small air compressor. Added effect: place a glass dome lid...
  3. Help with a torn face costume idea.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Howdy! Thought I'd sign up here to see if anyone has any advice for a costume idea I'm working on, rather than just blunder on by my myself. This year I'm planning to dress as Sutter Cane, from In The Mouth of Madness, specifically the scene below. Most of the costume is pretty simple, but I...
  4. Static: Over-sized Rubber Hammer/Mallet prop

    Halloween Props
    I can't recall the member here nor could I find the thread, but they made an awesome custom oversized rubber mallet/hammer. I decided to try my self and it's no where near as good as theirs, but it will serve the purpose I needed as a prop for my evil clown/carnival section. I used a wooden flag...
  5. Casting Latex Help

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone help guide me in the right direction on where to go to get casting latex? I prefer to go to a brick and morter store than purchase online. Also a decent one thats not too expensive. Thanks in advance.:)
  6. Mechanical: Building a Spring Bridge (like at Spirit)

    Halloween Props
    I always thought the unstable bridges were a little corny but I like the one they have at Spirit this year. Anyone have any tips for making one? It doesn't have to be springy, just with some movement as a distraction. I read a tutorial about using half a rubber ball screwed onto the bottom of...
  7. "Pond" renovation

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I only say "pond" because it was basically a 3 feet deep hole originally so not really worth of being called a pond but that's what we call it. We did this about 10 years ago & over the years it's settled about 6 inches or more, water was leaking out of the top of the "stream" because it...
  8. Papercraft Anyone have old Halloween/spooky/macabre rubber stamps or stencils?

    Halloween Crafts
    I am getting ready to begin working on a large spell book, where each page will have unique spells and potions on them. I am investigating various techniques to get each page completed with writings and artwork, you can see my post here in the tutorials section if you have any helpful input...
  9. My 1991 SCARY HALLOWEEN MAKEUP and funny story (sort of)

    General Halloween
    This is my Halloween makeup from 1991. I wore it to a Halloween party at the house of another makeup artist, and there were a lot of makeup artists there, and so I tried to make this good, hoping to impress everybody. It did not work out quite the way I was hoping! This was a foam rubber...
  10. Static: Help with Walk the Plank Prop Idea

    Halloween Props
    I have been kicking this idea around in my head, but not quite sure how to create the proper look. Here is the premise of the prop and some background info. I setup a haunted classroom for the local elementary using the standard maze layout with pvc and sheeting. This year, while the tots...
  11. Electronic/Software: Weatherproof Projector Enclosure?

    Halloween Props
    I tried my best to search through the site locally and via google, but still have questions on an enclosure for an outdoor projector. While masking it isn't the issue, I am needing something weather proof for a Minnesota fall. I'd like to do singing pumpkins for just about a week. Per an...
  12. The Cheese Factor: Some favorite things about haunts.

    General Halloween
    Things have changed a lot in haunts over the past few decades! We now have big commercial haunts unlike anything that ever existed before, and a huge market for props and masks, in diversity exceeding anything in the past. With that sort of $$$ behind your average big haunt, you will see at...
  13. I Have.. NEVER.. Heard, a Scream Like that.

    General Halloween
    Before. Yes,she was the newbie, yes she was traveling downward at a high rate of speed.. but....to make one's SCREAM sound like a car laying rubber with it's rear tires? If she was a car,she would have needed at least 500 Horsepower to "Lay rubber" like she did. I recorded it. I should put it...
  14. Other Mold Rubber Recommendation

    Halloween Crafts
    Has anyone ever tried to make the Martha Stewart severed finger invitations that is so popular on Pinterest? I've never done anything like this and my first attempt failed miserably. Any recommendation on a good, easy to use brand of mold rubber?
  15. Static: hard rubber head?

    Halloween Props
    Hello everybody, it's been a long time but I moved out into the country and do not decorate anymore. My question is a little different then most props because it needs to be really durable. I am trying to make a training dummy for my volunteer disaster response team. I have the body down but...
  16. Static: Rubber Wall

    Halloween Props
    Can any one tell me how to make a rubber-like wall in which a face appears to come out of it? Thank you.
  17. Other: Fright light (4x4 light bright )

    Halloween Props
    We wanted to make a prop for the little kids so we found an idea on the WEB. We tweeked it to match our needs. We are using 2 oz plastic shot glasses in 8 colors for the pegs. After drilling all those holes and gluing the heat proof rubber on the back and cutting slits in the rubber so the...
  18. Other: Dried out rubber props

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. It's been well over a year since I've been on so I'm refreshing myself with everything. I looked up every sort of word variation for my question, and nothing came up. So I decided to ask right here. If this isn't a good spot for my question, I apologize. And please let me know if...
  19. Other: Mold making and casting ????

    Halloween Props
    I would love to be able to create an alginate hand mold as well as a silicone hand. Both the mold and the silicone hand can be seen in these videos. I live in the uk and would prefer not to order from overseas. Amazon uk sells this alginate set .... Alginate Regular Set 454g: Amazon.co.uk...