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  1. Anyone have a source for Royalty free videos for projectors?

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have a source for Royalty free videos for projectors?
  2. Royalty Free Music?

    Halloween Music
    I'm uploading some new Halloween tutorials really soon and I'm looking for some royalty free music websites. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!;);)
  3. Playing cards?

    General Halloween
    I have a fairly serious playing card issue... Anyhow, that's a long story in and of itself. To the point. Stumbled on these last year. Now I have my finances together, had to go get them. Known as the Tragic Royalty deck, they are designed to stand out. And of course, the...
  4. Art Project

    General Halloween
    I am in need of unbiased opinions. I am working on turning my house into a creepy castle, and I notice amongst other things in creepy castles, there are usually paintings everywhere of family and /or royalty. so I decided I should paint portraits of "horror royalty" and I need to know if they...
  5. My new royalty-free music website! Interested to hear your thoughts!

    For Sale By Merchants
    I have just finished building my new website www.royaltyfreehorrormusic.com Check it out and let me know what you think!
  6. Looking for Public Domain/Royalty Free music & Sound Effects

    Halloween Music
    I'm looking for Public domain or Royalty free music and sound effects for a video that I'm producing for a local commercial haunted house. Does anyone have any handy links or suggestions? Thanks in advance!