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  1. FREE until october 31 - Full album of Copyright free Creepy Ambient Halloween music

    Halloween Music
    MWA AH AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! FOOLISH MORTALS..... We are giving away a FREE album of Royalty Free Copyright Free Halloween Haunt soundtrack music. We love Halloween so much we are giving this away.... there are 1000 free downloads available until HALLOWEEN 2017. The aim of this collection was to...
  2. My Halloween 2016 album releases - 2 CD set

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    Hi You may be familiar with my music - my new 2 CD set for Halloween 2016 is out now on Bandcamp. CD1 is a full CD of new Haunt soundtracks, CD2 is a collection of royalty free Horror themes you can do what you like with You can stream both CD's now on our site - please have a listen and let...
  3. Free Royalty Free Horror music - Podsafe, youtube safe tonight only!

    Halloween Music
    Hi Sam here - just to let you know you can get our Royalty Free horror CD Scaretrax for FREE tonight only. Simply go to https://scaretrax.bandcamp.com/album/scaretrax-royalty-free-horror-soundtrack-music-volume-1 and name your price, enter 0 at checkout to get it for free! Please share this...
  4. Royalty Free Music for Youtube / Projects etc

    Halloween Music
    Hi Haunters and Halloweenies We have just released an 11 track CD of Royalty Free / Copyright Free Halloween music to use on Youtube projects, Podcasts etc. Its completely copytight free so you will have no worries about using it how you like You can have a listen to the full CD on the link...
  5. Introducing SCARETRAX - THE place for Royalty Free Horror music

    Halloween Music
    We have just launched a new service called SCARETRAX you can download royalty free horror music on a name your price basis, and use it how you like on commercial and non commercial projects As its launch night we have 6 Sam Haynes tracks for free download with many more to come from other...
  6. Royalty free halloween music for youtube etc.

    Halloween Music
    https://samhaynes1.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-music-royalty-free-for-youtube-videos FREE DOWNLOAD - Royalty free halloween music for youtube videos. An EP of music that you can use on your halloween / horror projects completely free / name your price. Grab your copy now - there are a...