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  1. General Halloween
    Hello All, I have a Magic Mirror routine in which I use a digital puppet from Imagineerieing.com. I have done the routine from 2009 through 2013 at my parents house. The past two years I had done something else at that location, but this year I wanted to return to the Magic Mirror routine...
  2. Halloween Props
    This year I finally got the skulls all wired up via Cat 5, with 20' runs. It was a fun project and I learned a LOT. This will be set up in the yard with the computer and SSC32 board safe on the front porch. The new routine goes about 10 minutes, with chatter and a couple of songs. The vocals are...
  3. Halloween Props
    Here is "Skeleton Bob" . He does his standup routine in the Haunted Forest and is very popular. He is new and improved this year. In the past he was actually more of a ventriloquist because he would talk but his mouth never moved. and he was stiff as a board because his body didn't move...
1-3 of 3 Results