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  1. General Halloween
    I love masks but storage can become an issue. I was on Spider Hilll's site a while back and noticed a fitting that was either new to their line or I had just missed previously. It's a slip cross fitting for 1 " PVC. Inspired me to build this. "][/URL] Here's a detail. Mounted on a wooden...
  2. General Halloween
    This was a fun year! I brought out some older props that I haven't used in some years. It was good to see them, lol. Next year I'll rotate in some other props I haven't used in a while. That's the good thing about having a large number of animatronics- you can rotate them each year and old ones...
  3. Halloween Props
    Does anyone have the Total Home FX Skeleton Bedtime Story? I can't find any preview of it longer than a few seconds. It looks like decent digital decoration, and I'm thinking of add it to my haunted portrait. However, my TV is in a vertical configuration, so it looks like it's a portrait, and...
  4. General Halloween
    Halloween was great this year! I think I get just as many adults as I do kids but everyone has a blast! Sorry for the sideways pics. Can’t figure out how to rotate them properly.
  5. Member Introduction
    Hey all, I am obviously new to this community. I have been using this site as inspiration for years and finally decided to join! Does anyone know how to rotate picture on posts? Every time I post a picture it is sideways, and I don't see any way to rotate it!
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello all :) I came upon a last minute rotating fan motor, and want to use it on a 2ft doll i have. How can i attach it to make her head rotate?
  7. Halloween Props
    Been looking but getting frustrated, can anyone point in the right direction on where to find this type of motor, I got this one at a flea market and it works real good for the job I'm using it for, it's small enough to fit inside a doll to rotate the head plus it already has the electrical...
  8. Halloween Props
    I've built an Axworthy with a sewing machine motor and a monster in a box with a wiper motor. I'm just wondering what I should use for roasting a skeleton over coals. I want it to be about 2RPM and should be stong enough to rotate a plastic skeleton and the mechanism. Would prefer AC however...
1-8 of 8 Results