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  1. General Halloween
    I’m thinking of doing a twisted candy factory haunt. Does anyone have ideas for the different rooms? I don’t want it to be a Wonka factory though.
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We've been hosting adult-only Halloween parties for years and have not been able to get in enough scares! We are looking to up our game this year to the max!!! We do a good job putting guests on edge with creepy lighting, sounds, and decor; sometime even paying a few people to help us with the...
  3. Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi everyone! My theme this year is "Classic Monster Mash" with a focus on monster movies from pre-1970. Decorations and costumes will pay homage to such classics as "the Creature from the Black Lagoon" to "The Wolf Man" to "The Blob". My plan was to decorate my living room as an ode to Dracula...
  5. Halloween Props
    So while searching facebook marketplace I put Halloween props in every state to see what pops up and stumbled against this creepy corpse its a ghost ride autopsy body these originally sell for 1 thousand these can be used for escape rooms or whatever you wanted. Price was $650 what do you guys...
  6. General Halloween
    So I do a home haunt for charity around my house and for one of my themed areas I wanted to do a prison cell and/or patient room theme. Guests would walk down a corridor and off of that I would have about 3 or 4 small rooms or cells for an actor to be in. I wanted to know If anyone had ideas for...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-and-recipes/164914-2017-whats-your-theme-3.html#post2162770 we're thinking about "7 deadly sins" for our party theme this year (see above url) and i thought i'd come to you guys early for ideas. we're thinking about doing individual rooms...
  8. Midwest Haunters Convention
    Not Sure if this thread is started, but wanted to get it out there!!! Who's Going, anybody Got Rooms to Share, anybody got stuff to sell, anybody needs a rides!!!! ANYTHING RELATED WITH 2017 MIDWEST!!!! LETS GO!!!!
  9. General Halloween
    I'm thinking of using a chromadepth feature this year. I've never seen the effect, so I don't know what to expect from the glasses. I only want to use chromadepth at the beginning of my haunt (probably on the floor, to simulate a chasm the kids have to walk over to get to the candy or to get to...
  10. General Halloween
    EDIT: Thanks for stopping by. To view photos of our displays, please visit us at our Lighthearted Halloween page on FB. Many of you know our whimsical child-friendly yard display, Lighthearted Halloween, which features cute and happy Halloween decorations.
  11. Member Introduction
    Hey everyone! Like the title says...I'm a Halloween fanatic(and October baby). I've been dreaming of this years costume idea(s) since last year and can't wait to wow everyone. However, the reason I joined this site is for inspiration and ideas from other Halloween lovers. Every year, the...
  12. General Halloween
    Does anyone here decorate their bathroom/bedroom/kitchen? Do you incorporate your theme or just general Halloween decor? Thought it might be fun to see photos of secondary rooms all decorated. If you have any please post them here, thank you in advance!
  13. Halloween Props
    We are converting an old abandoned house to a haunted house to walk thru. We have sectioned off some of the bigger rooms into hallways and to allow for more themed areas. My question is, what is the best material or product to use to separate these rooms? For instance, the doorway that currently...
  14. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone , Georgie here , I'm an avid non professional Halloween nut ! Im big into the clowns. I would love to hear ideas or see photos of the creepiest , scariest clown rooms you've dealt with . I want ideas for my "room" this year
  15. General Halloween
    Go easy on this Halloween virgin and I dive head first into trouble as I tackle my first haunted house. It's actually the third year of being involved, but my first on designing the layout, which is the most important. It's being done for a Harvest Carnival at my son's elementary school and I...
  16. General Halloween
    So, this year I am hopefully doing a haunted house and its going to be a doll house theme. Have you guys any ideas for rooms? I was thinking typical house rooms, but now I think I want more than just that...... more scares? ... I dont know ... :(
1-16 of 16 Results