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  1. This will be .. The year of the dragon!

    General Halloween
    Okay I'm far too excited I got these stupid things this year. Last year I was going nuts looking for the original gemmy 9" fire and ice dragon to no avail .. They were out so stock everyplace. So I vowed next year. Well I bought the original sitting one this morning through Home Depot. Was all...
  2. Static: Roof Spider???

    Halloween Props
    As our haunt here has grown, we have begun to fill out a lot of our spaces, and are considering moving up to the roof. However, we are concerned about damaging the roof in an attempt to attach props up there. Is anyone aware of any methods to safely attach large spider props to the roof. The...
  3. Other: hearse roof ideas

    Halloween Props
    building horse drawn hearse for halloween prop, needing some idea's as far as ornaments to use on roof, will be using flat roof, thanks for any suggestions
  4. Static: Shed/Arbor/out house?

    Halloween Props
    [This is a work in progress and I will update this thread as I work on this. I just wanted to start it while taking a break from working in the heat] So, I was looking at the thread for the least expensive, most bang for your buck DIY projects on the forums, and I ran across this one by...
  5. Anyone's pets freaked out by the halloween decorations?

    General Halloween
    The dogs have been just ignoring the skeletons, probably because they don't move. Our corgi Ernie is totally freaked out by 'Gigantor' .. The big inflatable spider that's on the cottage roof. He can been seen up on the roof from the back yard. Ernie goes crazy, hackles raised and let's out a war...
  6. Static: Flying demon roof display help

    Halloween Props
    I am trying to rebuild my flying demon roof prop. I move a lot and it didn't quite look right next time. I am needing some ideas on how I can rebuild this guy so that I can take him apart at the end of the season, and how to mount him to the roof. I want him leaning out over my driveway with...
  7. Static: Roof Props (In search of ideas)

    Halloween Props
    My fellow Haunters: In a perfect world I would like to put an animatronic 3' Gargoyle on the peak of my roof for less than $1,500. I cannot find a decent looking Gargoyle let alone one with movement. I may take this on as a build next year. Yes, I have seen the one Distortions makes for like...
  8. Static: Roof Prop - anyone have a how-to??

    Halloween Props
    Greetings fellow haunters!! The past few years I have really wanted to make a prop to go on the roof of our porch. Does anyone have plans for a figure that can mount over the peak of a roof? Or any tips of how to get a prop to STAY on a roof? Obviously I don’t want to have to drill or screw...